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How do you increase campaign effectiveness by 50%? Send a text.

In 2016, Lupo Digital stepped on the scene – and they’ve been dominating ever since. They’re pros at juggling different hats, whether that means tactical, project-based work, managing ongoing campaigns or taking a seat at a client’s marketing roundtable. In seven short years, they’ve also become a HubSpot Diamond Partner. So shiny.

“We’re a full-stack partner across marketing, sales, and customer service,” says Founder and Director, Customer Strategy and Experience, Michael Wolf. “We understand the challenge to find leads, nurture them and convert to customers – and how to cut through the noise.”

The challenge.

Each of Lupo Digital’s clients faces unique challenges. But being able to communicate with customers in the right way and at the right time – that’s the holy grail.

Michael explains that for some, doing that means a full tech-stack overhaul. Take CBD College, an Australian vocational education provider known for ‘ticket’ courses like First Aid that need renewing every year.

Recently, Lupo Digital helped CBD shift from Salesforce to HubSpot. They integrated HubSpot with CBD’s student management system to bring all the different systems under one roof.

That was just the first step.

“The end goal is to increase re-enrolment conversion and sales – and the success rate of this campaign massively depends on SMS,” Michael says.

The solution.

Lupo Digital has tested several SMS platforms over the years but never quite found the right fit – until MessageMedia.

“What I love most is that MessageMedia is part of a global company with a local presence. That means it understands the landscape and the intricacies of working with Australian carriers,” adds Michael.

MessageMedia also has lots of experience working in education, which was a big drawcard for CBD College. The cherry on top, Michael says, is the top-rate customer service for a “frictionless collaboration.”

In my experience, most tech stack platforms have atrocious customer service. MessageMedia is the exception. 

Founder and Director of Lupo Digital, Customer Strategy and Experience, Michael Wolf

The results.

SMS has become a core part of many client campaigns for Lupo Digital, especially remarketing.

They work with the biggest underwriter of pet insurance in Australia to convert abandoned quotes. Within two hours of a lead capture in HubSpot, an SMS goes out. It’s the first and one of the most important steps that have helped push its conversion rate to 13% (so far).

If you just rely on email to get the message out, we know from experience that campaign effectiveness drops by at least 50%.

Founder and Director of Lupo Digital, Customer Strategy and Experience, Michael Wolf

That’s why SMS (once again) will be front and centre in Lupo Digital’s work with CBD College. David Gee, CBD College’s co-owner, says MessageMedia has changed how they connect with their students – and they’re seeing fast results. Winning!

MessageMedia has significantly improved how we communicate with our students, particularly around re-enrolment time.

Co-Owner of CBD College, David Gee

“When a student is due to renew their qualification, the system will send them SMS reminders using the data from our HubSpot integration. That’s a huge bonus for the client but will also improve the student experience,” adds David.

What’s next?

CBD College has just gone live with HubSpot, and the next cab off the rank is rolling out remarketing campaigns. Michael says the client is fully on board with SMS and excited to see the results.

“MessageMedia is absolutely pivotal to that strategy because everybody these days is on mobile, particularly young people in education.”

+13% conversion rate.

SMS is now a core part of many client campaigns for Lupo Digital, from improved conversion to increased customer satisfaction. Ready to give it a try?