SMS reminders and two-way messaging get 8% CTR, boosting clinical trial numbers.

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Less candidate drop off. More trial participants. Faster therapies to market.

What delays most clinical trials? Finding the right participants. Evrima Technologies’ products and services connect trials with patients quickly to help researchers hit clinical milestones sooner. But when you’re recruiting for multiple trials and screening thousands of candidates, how do you build a personal connection with each one? 

With MMS messaging and automated SMS reminders, they’re getting more participants into clinical trials, so new therapies get to the people who need them most – and fast.  

The challenge. 

There are multiple steps to turning a potential trial candidate into a participant. There’s marketing the trial, the registration, a screening process, and enrolment.  

Evrima Technologies helps automate those processes, like matching patients to trials based on their health records.  

They do this by running multichannel campaigns for each trial. But, as Senior Marketing Manager Lauren Duffy explains, getting them to the ‘participant’ door is only part of the job. You’ve also got to get people to step over the threshold and enrol. 

“People don’t know where to find information about clinical trials, and they don’t know who to trust. It’s about increasing awareness without putting more admin burden on doctors and GPs,” says Lauren. 

Evrima’s on a mission to improve candidate drop-off rates. Email was their first touchpoint, but they wanted to find a way to scoop up missed or bounced emails.  

That’s when they started using SMS.

Participants are very comfortable using SMS to communicate with us. There’s no waiting on hold or long email chains. It’s as simple as hitting reply.

Lauren Duffy, Senior Marketing Manager, Evrima Technologies 

The solution. 

Ever since Evrima jumped on the SMS bandwagon, they’ve used Sinch MessageMedia.  


  • It integrates with HubSpot. This means they can send and track SMS conversations all within HubSpot. No switching platforms.
  • It integrates with their recruitment software that manages workflows from registration to screening and trial appointments.  
  • Most importantly, people looove it.

Want to integrate SMS into Hubspot?

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Bulk SMS campaigns and automated reminders. 

For new trial campaigns, Evrima can send thousands of text messages at once and get a 100% delivery rate.  

Then, they’ve set automated SMS reminders to follow up with potential participants. Previously, this was done via a phone call, if there was time to spare. 

If a candidate has opened an email and not taken action, they’ll receive a personalised SMS reminding them to register their interest.   

Here are the results of one study with 24,000 participants: 


click-through rate.


conversion rate.

MMS and conversational messaging.  

Evrima’s patient experience team are using two-way messaging to give people support and advice as they move through the screening process.  

For those who don’t check their emails every day, SMS is the easiest way to contact them – and get a response. People can also message back via a dedicated number and get help troubleshooting any issues.  

Overall, this reduces candidate drop-off rates and increases trial enrolments. 

Here’s how they’re using SMS and MMS messaging to connect better with patients: 

  • Automated appointment reminders  
  • Chasing up missed phone calls  

As a result of using SMS, we’re seeing an increase in qualified trial participants and a reduced number of follow-up phone calls.

Lauren Duffy, Senior Marketing Manager, Evrima Technologies 

The results. 

With SMS for HubSpot, Evrima Technologies is well on its way to reaching their recruitment goals and providing trials with more qualified participants. That means new therapies get to people who need them faster. It’s also helping keep client retention rates high. Win, win! 

How is Sinch MessageMedia helping? 

When they sent a bulk SMS campaign to 11,000 people, here’s what happened: 


delivery rate.


click-through rate.



What’s next? 

So, what’s on the horizon for Evrima Technologies? They want to make the recruitment and screening process even more enjoyable for patients.  

At the end of every campaign, they reflect on what worked and what could be improved to decrease participant drop-off even further. 

Now, those conversations involve SMS.  

“We’re always asking ourselves where we can do better. SMS has proven to be an effective channel in our communications toolbelt, making it easier for participants to complete the screening process,” says Lauren.


Evrima Technologies provides products and services that connect the right people to upcoming clinical trials. This ensures trials hit clinical milestones sooner, and the people who need the treatments, get them faster.


Lauren Duffy, Senior Marketing Manager



Ready to roll?

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