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Save time. Cut costs. Integrate NetSuite with SMS.

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Integrate & automate 4 min read | wrote in blog on April 29, 2022

Does your business rely on NetSuite for sales, marketing, and business operations? And are you keen to lean on SMS more as part of your marketing communications strategy? Good news. By integrating NetSuite with SMS, you can supercharge both.

It’s easy to send and receive SMS and MMS messages from within the NetSuite platform. It means your teams don’t need to leave the tool they’re already familiar with to put the power of text messages to work. But that’s not all. Below, we look at how you can work more effectively with the NetSuite SMS integration.

NetSuite marketing automation made easy with SMS

From real-time conversations to bulk SMS campaigns, SMS has well and truly proven itself as one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with customers. And, once you integrate SMS with NetSuite, there’s no looking back. 

You’ll gain the ability to automate a huge range of e-commerce and marketing use cases, freeing up your team’s time to really focus on delivering exceptional customer service. For example, you can set up automated SMS to send helpful updates and notifications like: 

  • Order status notifications
  • Shipment notifications
  • Updates on expected delivery dates
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Post-sale customer feedback surveys 
  • Promotional content to encourage return business

The integration comes with some powerful features to help your team save time and deliver targeted, timely messages:

  • Workflows and triggers.
    Within NetSuite, you can schedule messages based on customer actions, dates, or changes in order status. You can also set up recurring daily, weekly, or monthly batch messages based on specific criteria using a NetSuite Saved Search.
  • Templates.
    To save even more time, create and use SMS templates with mail merge functionality. Store the headers and footers you use regularly for automatic inclusion in every message.
  • Keywords.
    Use keywords to route inbound messages and trigger auto-responses to quickly answer common questions. Not only do keywords help speed up response rates, but they remove the manual burden of monitoring and replying to each message.
  • Visibility into customer communication.
    All SMS messages sent and received in NetSuite CRM are recorded in the message log, so you can keep track of it all in one place. Replies are delivered to the same record, and the appropriate NetSuite user is notified via email.
  • Analytics and reporting.
    Measure the success of your SMS campaigns, monitor individual message results, and generate reports on batch SMS messages.

Powerful use cases for your NetSuite SMS integration

Across departments, your various teams will love the ease and convenience of being able to reach customers at the right moment, all within NetSuite. Here are just some of the ways that teams use the SMS integration for NetSuite.

Marketing campaigns: Reach, convert, and engage customers

Boost revenue and improve conversion rates by sending personalised, high-impact messages to customers – like lead nurtures, special offers and promotions, event notifications, and ‘back in stock’ alerts.

An example SMS which advertises a sale that ends tomorrow. Includes a link to the online store.

Customer support: Help your customers in the right moment

Deliver impeccable customer support with two-way SMS conversations, all easily managed in NetSuite. With your NetSuite SMS integration, a contact centre agent can conduct several SMS conversations at once, instead of dealing with one person at a time on the phone.

An example SMS replying to a customer who contacted customer support. The SMS is asking for a feedback score

Automatically sending support updates and notifications to customers helps reduce the volume of inbound calls to your contact centre. It’s a clear sign that you’ve got happier customers. And it’s a great way to cut your contact centre costs. Wins all around.

Before we added SMS support to our NetSuite account, a network outage meant 5 to 10 minutes of support tech time for every affected customer. Using MessageMedia Text Messaging for NetSuite, I can send a batch SMS alert, heading off those calls and reassuring our customers that the situation is under control. Instead of complaints, I get thank yous!

Hugh Bethell, Port Networks

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Sales: Watch your conversion rates soar

Forge stronger connections with prospects by adding SMS to your sales process in NetSuite. Text messaging helps generate highly qualified leads. Follow-up messages further improve lead qualification and conversion rates. And customers will love the easy ability to schedule and reschedule appointments via SMS, directly with their sales rep.

Billing: Improve cash flow with billing reminders

Whether you choose to automate reminder messages or send them on an ad hoc basis, sending alerts to customers when a bill is due is a proven way to get paid. You can also send purchase receipts, statement notifications, and payment confirmations.

An example SMS sent to a customer to remind them of a bill that is due shortly.

Want to know more?

It’s easy to integrate MessageMedia with your NetSuite platform. To learn more about how it could transform your business, explore SMS for NetSuite or get in touch.

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