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Shape your messages into a conversation

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Developers 2 min read | wrote in blog on June 17, 2019

Sometimes it’s hard thinking of a customer interaction as anything but a simple request that needs a fast and effective answer that lets both parties get back to whatever they were doing.  But does that mean we shouldn’t do everything practicable to make that interaction more of a conversation?

Today we’re talking about Familiar Sender – a feature that threads messages for a recipient so that they’re all sent from the same number.

Familiar Sender ensures all communication sent to a customer is using the same sender number. This allows the number to be associated with an identity on the customer’s handset and once those identities are formed, the conversation can continue without break in trust.

Let’s consider a multi-SMS application where you send appointment reminders to your customers. “Hi John, it’s Alice from ABC. We’d like to..”. Fantastic, you’ve established your identity. Now you’d like to send John another reminder a week later. He receives the second appointment reminder, but he finds it a bit strange and confusing that he’s got appointment messages coming in from different numbers. A different sender number means verifying yourself again which means a different conversations chain. Can you see where this leads to?

Familiar Sender allows you to grasp the opportunity to have a single recognized point of contact and enables customers to access historical information. Instead of having send-outs like “Hi, it’s Alice from ABC..”, you can have something along the lines of “Hi, it’s us again..”.  A simple yet effective way to build trust and communicate more confidently with your customers.

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