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Putting an end to duplicate sending

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Developers 2 min read | wrote in blog on June 17, 2019

When put into financial terms, the cost of duplicate data is alarming. Imagine the wasted costs of sending five of the same reminders to a single person. There is also the possibility of a negative impact on your response rates and the ROI of your marketing activity.

Data-cleanliness can be a tedious task to perform and is often seen as daunting and can reduce the speed to market for customer engagement activities. As a developer, chances are you would be spending quite some time writing a script that would do the dirty work. But what parameters will the filtering be based on? Same delivery address or will there be a window of time? Will it run on every broadcast?

It is now easier than ever to avoid the data-cleanliness obstacle by using our latest feature: De-Duplication. De-Duplication helps businesses avoid having to undertake data cleansing before commencing a send. We write all the code for you and take care of automatically detecting and withholding messages deemed to be duplicates. If you are already using MessageMedia, there’s no need for changes to your application, just an account configuration change by Support. And that is it.

This isn’t an exclusive offering by MessageMedia. However, we like to do things a bit differently through the use of a 24 hour window – if a business sends a message to the same customer with the same content within a 24hr period, the subsequent message(s) will be withheld and rejected. In technical terms, a “rejected” error code status is returned in your response and essentially, you’ll be checking for this specific status instead of writing a script to filter out duplicates. Below is a code snippet from the Node.js messages SDK demonstrating how this can be achieved:

controller.createSendMessages(body, function(error, response, context) {

SMS still has its own valuable place in the messaging world. Depending on your industry and use cases, SMS is often the go-to channel for reaching your customers. With De-Duplication enabled, you can systematically assess duplicate records with MessageMedia returning a unique error and including that detail within message reports. Thus, ensuring the message is delivered, but its importance is not diluted by receiving duplicates.

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