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MessageMedia x Auth0

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Developers 3 min read | wrote in blog on October 25, 2018

We’re pleased to announce that you can now use MessageMedia as an SMS gateway for Auth0’s passwordless authentication system. This integration allows you to use MessageMedia’s messaging services to send one-time codes generated by Auth0 to authenticate applications and mobile devices. But wait, who is Auth0? What is passwordless? Let’s find out more.


Auth0 and passwordless authentication

Auth0 provides authentication and authorisation as a service. You can basically connect any application, regardless of what language it is written in, to Auth0 and define how you would like to log in. They are processing over 1.5 billion logins every month with the likes of Atlassian, VMware, Mozilla and thousands of other companies who have trusted Auth0 to take care of their security. Passwordless authentication allows you to login without the need to recall a password. The absence of passwords means your application will NOT need to implement a password reset procedure.


Why passwordless authentication?

As more and more applications keep emerging every day, you have to register and set passwords for almost every one of them. This gradually becomes hard to keep up and we end up using the same password for several applications. This is a very common occurrence and you can clearly see the problem with this approach. Passwordless authentication was made with the intention of eliminating the two major drawbacks of password authentication- having passwords and having to remember passwords.


Benefits of this integration

Auth0 and MessageMedia customers can take advantage of this integration and use it to streamline their sign-up and login experience. Think about it – the faster a user can sign up and use your service, the more appealing your service becomes. You’re basically eliminating all the bottlenecks of having passwords. In terms of security, once you go passwordless, there are no passwords to be hacked. No brainer there.

One of the most popular use cases of this type of authentication is code through SMS where you receive a one-time code via SMS which is usually entered as a password. This makes access more secure while removing the burden of remembering and typing a strong password on a phone. Why worry about building and maintaining a custom authentication mechanism when you can add an integration that takes care of the dirty work for you?


Passwordless authentication was made to eliminate the problem of using an unsafe password. This means that one of the greatest user errors is eliminated from your sign-up and login. Read more about the MessageMedia x Auth0 integration and how it can make your life easier.

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