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DevOps Talks Conference Sydney ’18

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Developers 3 min read | wrote in blog on September 20, 2018

After a smashing success in Melbourne, DevOps Talks decided to come to the home of the renowned Opera house – Sydney. But what is DevOps Talks? DevOps Talks, also known as DOTC, brings together engineers and architects who are implementing DevOps principles and practices in start-ups and enterprise companies. The conference was created as a hub for all involved in DevOps practices and transformations, architecture implementations and development.

A short drizzle left a chilly and cool atmosphere in the early morning hours in the city. In a short time, the hall was swarming with over 200 attendees who gathered to share their passion for DevOps. The 2-day conference was centred around talks by veteran DevOps experts who spoke about the ups and downs of their journey and what they’ve learned along the way. There were also talks on DevSecOps and Google’s Kubernetes engine. John Willis kicked off day 1 speaking on how DevOps has evolved over the past 7 years. His talk mainly revolved around DevSecOps and how behaviour rather than technology decides on resulting performance outcomes. Due to the diverse variety of attendees ranging from developers to tech leads and engineering managers, there was an interesting selection of talks from people who were in different stages of their DevOps journey. The two talks that stood out for me were Peter Sbarski’s and Nathan Harvey’s. Peter shared his 3 years of experience in building a serverless company, the ups and downs and explained why he thought serverless development and architectures will be the new norm in the future. While, Nathan’s talk explored some of the tools, workflows, practices, and mindset that he thought would lead to success.

It was interesting to chat with people from an array of industries and getting to know what they’re doing in the DevOps world.

It was great to see both local and global companies realising the importance of DevOps and the variety of informational talks were useful for those starting their own journey. There was an abundance of goodies at the event as sponsors showed how creative they can get with their swag. The conference officially came to an end at 5pm. However, attendees had already started making their way to the bar for networking drinks where they exchanged opinions on the conference

DOTC is one of those conferences that has a community feel to it due to the vast amount of people who are able to connect, share their experiences and learn from each other. It is the conference for enterprise DevOps companies and professionals. A massive shout-out to Igor Goulko and the other organisers who invested a lot of their time and effort to bring this conference to life.

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