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Boost marketing strategies for membership organisations with SMS

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Advanced SMS guides 4 min read | Sinch Messagemedia wrote in blog on March 3, 2021

Associations and organisations that rely on membership are constantly under pressure. Fewer people are joining, many are leaving. Meanwhile, others are dissatisfied because what they are paying for their membership offering is not living up to expectations.

The problem with retaining and attracting new members in today’s highly changeable landscape is agility. Many membership organisations struggle to meet the changing needs of members and find new ways to engage..

Interestingly, that’s exactly where text messaging can help you resolve these challenges as part of your larger membership marketing strategy.

Want to grow your membership?

Find out how SMS can help.

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Why SMS is perfect for club membership marketing

Many membership organisations in Australia struggled throughout COVID struggled to adapt towards a digitisation of their membership communications. 

Many businesses are already using email marketing, paid advertising, social media and more as marketing tools. There are, however, many other overlooked digital avenues to choose from. Digital communications such as SMS or text messages are easy to implement and offer significant benefits to membership-based organisations. Text messaging allows you to reach a database of contacts directly and on a massive scale.

As a communication channel SMS is immediate, non-intrusive and interactive. Another benefit of SMS is that 90 percent of all messages are opened within 90 seconds so you know your message will make an impact with your target audience.

We’ve found we can have a communication out within 30 minutes, and we can link members through to video messages from the team or to a website for more information. Members can reply back to us if they wish to so we can get instant feedback.

Melanie Waddell, Membership Manager, Melbourne Rebels (Rugby Union)

Many companies are harnessing SMS as part of their membership orgrams to engage members, increase community engagement and improve customer service and business productivity. They see results quickly and experience a positive impact on their bottom line. 

“The first time we used SMS, 80 new members joined up! SMS is so quick and easy to use, we get replies within 5 minutes and everyone has a mobile so you know your messages will be read. It’s very, very effective!”

Matt Kumeroa, Beach House Fitness

SMS membership marketing ideas and templates for your business

Here are some examples of how you can use SMS as part of your membership program or marketing campaigns:

  • Membership payment reminders: Improve membership retention and cash flow
Membership or Invoice Payment SMS Template
Membership or Invoice Payment SMS Template

TEMPLATE: Hi there [[SALUTATION]], we just wanted to remind you that your payment for an invoice to the YOURCOMPANYNAME for [[SUBSCRIPTIONNAME]] is now [[X]] days overdue. Please click this link to pay immediately: LINKTOPORTAL

  • Membership renewal incentives: Encourage lapsed members to re-join with great incentives exclusively designed for them
Membership renewal SMS template
Membership renewal SMS template

TEMPLATE: Hello [[FIRSTNAME]], your membership to COMPANY will be up for renewal in [[X]] days. To renew now, please click here: https://YOURPORTALLINK

  • Keep members up to date regarding new services launched or critical information they might need


Emergency information SMS alert template
Emergency information SMS alert template

TEMPLATE: Hi there, we wanted to inform you there was a INCIDENT at [[EVENTVENUE]] and we will be unable to conduct our monthly meeting. We apologise for inconvenience, and will update you on a new location, date and timing as soon as we can. Thanks!”

  • Promote special activities, events or sessions through easy SMS marketing


Marketing Promotion SMS Template
Marketing Promotion SMS Template

TEMPLATE: Hey [[FIRSTNAME]], we’ve having a YOURDISCOUNT off all our merchandise this weekend. Get in fast before it all goes! Use code: DISCOUNTCODE http://[PUBLICBOOKINGLINK] – YOURCOMPANYNAME

  • Enhance communications around events and other activities to help your members feel part of the community
Event Invitation SMS Template
Event Invitation SMS Template

TEMPLATE: Hello [[FIRSTNAME]], we wanted to extend an exclusive invite to you for our new opening at the [[EVENTVENUE]] [[EVENTVENUEADDRESS]]. Please arrive by [[STARTDATETIME]], and show staff your QR code below. We look forward to seeing you there, and hope you have a great time

  • Provide event reminders such as start times and parking information. Prompt event feedback, with response rates to feedback requests via SMS being double that of email
Event Reminder SMS Template
Event Reminder SMS Template


TEMPLATE: Hi [[FIRSTNAME]]], just a reminder that our event [[EVENTNAME]] is on tomorrow. Here is your link to check in: https://LINKTOCHECKINPAGE

Uplift membership engagement right now.

Affordable. Easy-to-implement. SMS can help!

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Final thoughts, further reading

You can really improve the way members engage with and grow through your business or organisation. To learn more about how SMS is helping all kinds of businesses grow and succeed, make sure to also check out:

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