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Boost your marketing efforts with a CRM SMS integration

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Integrate & automate 4 min read | wrote in blog on April 21, 2022

SMS has well and truly proven itself as a key channel for reaching and engaging with customers. Text messages cut through the clutter, reach customers fast, and get great responses.

Whether you’re just starting out with SMS marketing or you’ve been onto it for a while, you should be thinking about a CRM SMS integration. Why? Not only does it help you deliver timely, helpful, and engaging messages to customers at a click of a button, but it’s all seamlessly contained in a central place for much easier management.

Here, we look at why and how you can elevate your marketing campaigns and communication with customers by integrating SMS with CRM.

Transform the customer experience

Delivering delightful experiences is key to attracting and retaining customers. And, these days, you need to consider all channels and touchpoints when crafting the perfect customer experience.

It’s why adding SMS functionality to your CRM platform makes such good sense. If a CRM is all about creating personalised journeys for each and every customer, then you’ll want SMS to be a part of this – particularly given that people check their phones 150 times a day.

79% of people say the experience you provide is as important as your products or services.

By integrating SMS with your CRM platform, it’s easy to deliver great customer experiences, time and time again. Here are some examples of how you can use SMS in your CRM to leave a positive impression.

  • Customer support
    Set up two-way customer support on a convenient channel, making it easier than ever for customers to ask questions about your products or services, and get the help they need.
  • Notifications and updates
    Keep customers in the loop about their orders, by sending timely delivery and order confirmations and updates. Or automatically send reminders about upcoming appointments, so they don’t forget.
  • Build relationships
    Use the power of personalisation in SMS to strengthen relationships across all points in the customer journey.

And the best bit? You can automate so many aspects of the SMS journey, which helps to:

  • Take the burden off your marketing team 
  • Ensure your customers always receive the most timely and effective messages.

Behind the scenes, your business benefits too

Once SMS is integrated with your CRM platform, everything just gets easier for your sales and marketing teams. All of the possibilities of SMS open up within a familiar platform, leading to greater efficiency, productivity, and performance.

Key business benefits of sending text messages within your CRM include:

  • Centralisation of data
    Keep all of your customer information in one place, with no need to replicate, duplicate, or update customer details across multiple platforms. Campaign data is centralised, too, so you can easily track performance of different SMS campaigns.
  • Automation
    Empower your teams to do more with less. It’s easy to automate key moments in the journey and set up triggers to send customers SMS based on particular behaviours or actions. This way your teams can focus on relationship building and strategic thinking.
  • Multi-channel messaging
    Set up automated workflows that include different channels, such as SMS and email. This way, you can reach customers in the right channel at the right point in the journey.

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See SMS CRM integrations in action

At MessageMedia, our SMS platform integrates with heaps of the leading CRM solutions in market today. Let’s take a look at a couple of them, so you get an idea of what it might mean for your business.

SMS for Zoho CRM

Ensure your sales team never misses an opportunity with our integration with Zoho CRM. And, to help you respond faster and build better customer relationships, SMS notifications are automatically sent when new leads are created or updated.

A laptop with SMS for Zoho CRM by MessageMedia on display. The CRM has a create record window open to build a custom SMS notification which occurs after a call has been missed.
SMS for Zoho CRM

SMS for Microsoft Dynamics 365

It’s easy to bring the power of SMS into Dynamics. By integrating, you can create SMS templates, send and receive messages, search conversation threads, create custom workflows and more.

The Microsoft Dynamics chat thread showing your full conversation
SMS for Microsoft Dynamics

Mercury SMS for Salesforce

Stay connected to leads by integrating SMS into Salesforce. Automatically create or update records when an inbound SMS matches a keyword. Or set up workflow rules, like a welcome message when a new contact is created.

mercury SMS for salesforce automatically send messages
Mercury SMS for Salesforce

Ready to get started?

To find your CRM platform and add SMS to your marketing automation strategy, visit our integration marketplace.

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