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How to use SMS marketing for Shopify: 4 proven cases

Whether you’re just starting out, or an experienced ecommerce retailer – you’ve likely heard about Shopify. Dominating the online marketplace with 1.5M shopfronts worldwide and 20% market share, it is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms around.   

For +1 million businesses in over 175 countries, Shopify is the choice tool for online trade.  

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Benefits of using Shopify  

There are a range of advantages if you pick Shopify:  

  • Speedy set-up and deployment  
  • Flexible customisation plus +100 free/paid shop themes to choose from  
  • Affordable monthly plans (starting at $29 USD)  
  • Almost 5000 add-ons, plug-ins and integrations in the Shopify app marketplace  
  • Additional support and systems including Shopify PlusShopify POS plus many more  
  • You’ll be in good company! Other Shopify customers include: Nestle, Pepsi, Budweiser, Unilever, WaterAid, Penguin, Tesla, Red Bull and so many more.  

But the best thing about Shopify? It’s one easy all-in-one hub to help you set up your store, sell your product and communicate with your customers. You don’t need to be a web developer or an expert marketer to get going.   

That said, creating the right online customer journey that delivers the results that you want can be incredibly difficult. Here’s how SMS can help.  


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What’s a customer journey?

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A customer journey is the pathway to purchase that customers take when they’re browsing or shopping with you.   

Keep in mind that customer journeys are often:  

  • Non-linear  
  • Across multiple touch points and interactions  
  • Diverse and constantly changing  

Plotting out a potential or plausible customer journey isn’t necessarily about getting it right. It’s more about getting you thinking about what customers are experiencing when discovering your brand, and what may (or may not) help them progress from one stage to the next.  

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When building out your customer journey, it’s likely that you’ll have:  

  • Tested out the online journey via a made-up scenario/customer  
  • Trialled it with shoppers and collected their personal user journeys  

Having done that, you may have come across customer journey moments (or holes) where you could improve the experience ten-fold. But what solution to pick? Here are four common ecommerce experiences where employing targeted SMS marketing messages could help better win customers over:  

Abandoned cart reminders

Did you know that over 70% of ecommerce carts get abandoned?   

We’ve all experienced or carried out cart abandonment before. You’ve popped some items into an online store’s cart with every intention of purchase, and then you forget, get distracted or have second thoughts.  

Not to fear, many of these customers will return to buy, they just need to be prodded along.  

RULE: Using an app like SMS Marketing Automation, you can set up simple, automated text messages reminders at timed intervals, such as 15 mins, 1 hour and 24 hours. Add increasing urgency (i.e. Limited stock, sale only on for two more hours!) or even additional discounts to ensure customers return and you recover even more sales.  

In MessageMedia’s SMS Marketing Automation app for Shopify, you can even see your return on investment for each message sent, and your customers coming back for more.  

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If your offering demands re-supply or maintenance, like haircare or pet food, it’s helpful to gently nudge your customers into action with an automated SMS reminder.  

For example, let’s say you work at a hair salon where a bottle of conditioner is likely to last around 60 days use after purchase. Send a friendly reminder on day 50 so your customer has ample time to get their next bottle and won’t run out. You could also remind customers to keep their hair health with a trim every 3-4 months.  

Or, if you’ve noticed that it’s been a few months since a customer has shopped at your online store, maybe it’s time to entice them back. Send them a surprise and delight discount code or news about an upcoming sale/event. It works!   

RULE: Set automated text reminders for resupply and maintenance of products and services. If your online store is seeing waning visitors, give it a jolt of traffic by prompting customers with discounts or relevant, exciting news via SMS.  

Online wine retailer Vinomofo saw 50% of their customers return, and 120x ROI when they added SMS to their winback campaigns.  

Back in stock

Make sure customers know that they are the first to know when their favourite products and services are back in stock by sending SMS messages. With 90% of all SMS read within 90 seconds, you can be sure that your customers will get the message.  

Emails can be lost or filed into folders that aren’t read. If you know your customers are hanging out to know when stock is back – make sure they are informed as soon as possible so they can be the first buying at your store.  

RULE: Integrate an application like SMS Marketing Automation into your store and set alerts to go out as soon as stock is resupplied. It’s easy!  

Text marketing campaigns

Every marketer knows the power of a great campaign and we believe in the power of a great cross-channel campaign.  

Thanks to the power of Shopify, it’s easy to set up multi-step, omnichannel marketing campaign that gets cut through. Shopify’s platform is great for programming fantastic seasonal campaigns using multiple marketing channels like email, SMS and more for Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and stocktake sales.  

RULE: Unify your customer data through Shopify and combine text with your other tools to create powerful omnichannel campaigns that reach customers anywhere – and everywhere!   

Try adding unique codes to see which channels are working hardest for you and remember to send more than just the one blast with increasing level of urgency to see more checkouts, more often.  

And, remember – with the SMS Marketing Automation app for Shopify, you can track your return on investment – easily!  

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Final thoughts, further reading

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of the secret power text messaging can bring your business, you’re ready to sell harder and better in today’s increasing competitive ecommerce landscape. Get the SMS Marketing Automation app for Shopify today!  

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