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Skyrocket sales with these marketing and promotional SMS templates

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Templates & examples 7 min read | Sinch Messagemedia wrote in blog on April 28, 2022

Last updated May 2023

Marketers are embracing SMS as an invaluable tool to reach customers, build loyalty, promote offers, and more. And for good reason. Text messages enjoy a whopping 98% open rate and 29% click-through rate.

What is promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS is a way of sending short message service (SMS) messages to your business’s audience. This is a great way to communicate and engage with your audience to inform them of important deals and promotions and encourage them to make purchases. Alongside other channels, promotional texting can play an important role in improving your business’s sales and retention.

An SMS platform lets brands send many promotional SMS messages at once to reach a larger audience. These messages need to be fairly short in order to be effective. Not only will longer messages make your texts less engaging, but they will be more expensive to send.

What is transactional SMS?

Another form of text message marketing is transactional SMS. This is a type of text message that focuses on providing relevant information to consumers in real-time. For example, a customer may receive a text message from your brand immediately after making a purchase. This is transactional SMS in action.

Transactional marketing is important for levelling up overall customer experience and building customer loyalty. You’ll also be able to personalize order confirmations, shipping information, and delivery updates. Since these types of messages can be short and sweet, SMS is a great tool for communicating these updates to customers.

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As you start to use SMS more regularly, you’ll no doubt be looking for ways to simplify the process of crafting your compelling messages. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a range of SMS templates.

Use these templates to save time, stay on brand, and connect with your customers in the moments that matter. Plus, you can easily customize them to suit your brand’s tone of voice.

TOP TIP: Send shorter messages and save on SMS credits with short URLs. Our portal automatically creates short URLs for you. See how it works.

Promote your new product line.

Got a product launch coming up? Spread the word quickly and easily using an SMS promotion template. To really grab your customers’ attention, add an image using MMS or a mobile landing page. 


TEMPLATE: Hi #FirstName#, our [PRODUCTS] are finally here. Hurry before they sell out: [URL] Text STOP to opt out.

HOW TO STAND OUT WITH SMS: You’ll convert more customers by keeping them in the loop about your new products, according to our joint research with Shopify. Grab our playbook to get more insights, SMS templates, and Shopify best practices.

Send exclusive event invitations.

Got an event coming up? Invite your customers via bulk SMS – it’s quick, cost-effective, and oh-so-easy to RSVP.


TEMPLATE: Hi #FirstName#, join us at the opening of [BRAND] ‘s new store in [LOCATION] from [TIME] this [DAY]. Get the details: [URL] STOP to opt out.

Note: To send a message that asks for a reply, you’ll need to enable two-way messaging.

Hold a flash sale.

Nothing beats a text message to promote a time-sensitive offer. After all, most people have their phones in their pockets all day long. Here are some simple, super-effective text message templates that will compel your customers to pop in-store or online.


TEMPLATE: Get 30% off [PRODUCT] – today only. Use discount FLASH30 at checkout: [URL] Text STOP to opt out.

Send a birthday message and a special treat.

Make every customer feel extra special by sending a timely, personalized text message on their birthday.


TEMPLATE: Happy birthday, #FirstName#. Enjoy 15% off storewide. Use BDAY15 at checkout: [URL] Ts and Cs apply. Text STOP to opt out.

Reward your loyal customers.

Share the love with your regular customers. Reward them with a special surprise, sent straight to their phone for easy access.


TEMPLATE: Wow. You’ve been with Zip Fit for 2 years, #FirstName#. Here’s something to say thanks. Get your gift: [URL]

Remind customers about upcoming sales

Got a promotion coming up? Are seasonal sales on the horizon? Get a head start during peak sales events with timely reminders and helpful links to your sales catalogue. 

And to really stand out from the crowd, consider using MMS to add an enticing image.


TEMPLATE: Our [PROMO] sale starts in 24 hours. Are you ready? Browse our gift guide: [URL] Text STOP to opt out.

GET MORE ECOMMERCE INSPO: Looking for more templates to help you manage your online store? From abandoned cart messages to delivery updates, we’ve got you covered. Check out our ecommerce SMS templates.

Entice past customers to come back.

Send lapsed customers a message, complete with an offer they can’t refuse. SMS marketing campaigns are a great way to re-engage those who’ve fallen off your radar.


TEMPLATE: Hi #FirstName#, we miss you. Use MISSU2 at checkout for 15% off: [URL] Ts and Cs apply. Text STOP to opt out.

CASE STUDY: One online retailer, Vinomofo, slowed customer churn right down – scoring 120x ROI and 20% conversion uplift in the process. Read this case study.

Throw in free delivery.

Who doesn’t love free delivery? Use this as a hook in your next promotional SMS to see how impactful it can be.


TEMPLATE: Get free express delivery when you spend over $50 at [BRAND]. Ts and Cs apply. Shop: [URL] Text STOP to opt out.

Promote your service.

Give your customers something to smile about. Send a message that includes a discount or offer for your salon, restaurant, or other service-based business.


TEMPLATE: Hi #FirstName#, grab your pals and join us at [BRAND] ‘s for [SERVICE]. Book here: [URL] STOP to opt out.

Offer early access or VIP deals.

SMS is a great way to manage VIP sign-ups. With its 98% open rate, plus easy replies, it’s a cinch to set up and send marketing messages that promote early access to your special deals.


TEMPLATE: Want early bird access to our sales? Reply with I’M IN to join [BRAND] ‘s VIP Club. Or text STOP to opt out.

Provide helpful reminders like updated trading hours.

Are your trading hours changing over a holiday period? Got a new online store that you want to promote? Sending updates like these via SMS ensure maximum eyeballs on your message, so everyone knows what’s going on.


TEMPLATE: Got everyone checked off on your gift list? [BRAND] will stay open until #Time# up to #Day#. Reply STOP to opt out.

Keep promotional SMS best practices in mind.

Your business will need to follow some best practices to make sure you’re ethically and responsibly engaging with your audience. These best practices will help you stay compliant with government regulations. Here are some key rules to follow:

  • Always include your brand name in your messages. This improves trust with your audience.
  • Choose the right times of the day to send promotional text messages. Not only is this polite, but it’ll help you stay compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
  • Be concise with your messaging. Sending long messages can cause you to lose retention.
  • Don’t spam. Send promotional SMS messages sparingly, otherwise, they’ll lose effectiveness.
  • Pay close attention to tone. It’s easy to misinterpret a text message.
  • If customers are able to respond to you, make sure to get back to them as soon as possible.

Want more ideas?

Get marketing inspiration from these stand-out SMS campaigns. Or do some more reading about personalising SMS and setting up automated campaigns.

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