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21 marketing and promotional SMS templates

Want to uplift your marketing capabilities, sell more or just drive greater awareness of your brand and products? It doesn’t have to cost a bundle, nor does it need to rely on new, overly complex technologies. If you want a low-cost solution that drives results – try a marketing channel like text messaging.

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Note: This article will provide SMS and MMS (picture messaging) templates. MessageMedia delivers SMS worldwide and MMS to Australia and the US.

21 best SMS and MMS marketing examples

Try some of these top text message templates, including:

New product lines

Launching a new product, collection or service? Sending text messages to loyal or interested customers’ mobile phones can help you create awareness to get sales moving


[NAME], [PRODUCT] is finally here! Hurry before it sells out. Buy now: [URL] Text STOP to opt-out


New line, who dis? Excited to launch our [PRODUCT] and you’re the first to know. Check it out now: [URL] Txt STOP to opt-out

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Exclusive event invitations

You don’t always have to push customers to an immediate sale. Consider creating virtual or in-store customer experiences to make recipients feel special and positive about your brand.


Hi [NAME], we’ve just launched our first-ever [PRODUCT] in [COMPANY]’s history! To celebrate, we’re throwing a party and you’re invited. Reply Y to RSVP or STOP to opt-out.

Note: The above requires 2-way messaging and automation. Get access to all our ready-made automation templates when you sign up for a free trial now.

Push collection or line

Example SMS for valentines day


Need a gift for [HOLIDAY]? Our gift collections are 10% off online and 15% if you come in-store. Check it out: [URL] Text STOP to opt-out


Save heaps with 25% off our entire [COLLECTION] line until [TIME] on [DATE]! Buy online or in-store. [URL] Text STOP to opt-out

Flash Sales

Text campaigns excel when for time-sensitive offers. Because of their immediate cut-through, the addition of the urgency to buy compels customers to convert faster through to purchase so that they don’t miss out on a great deal or offer


FLASH SALE: Get [DISCOUNT]% site-wide for the next hour! Hurry while stock lasts: [URL] Text STOP to opt-out


Flash sale on this weekend! Get 2 for 1 deals and 25% off sale stock when you show this coupon in store: [URL] On till [DATE] Txt STOP to opt out

Birthday offer

Example birthday SMS


[NAME], happy birthday! Show this text to get 40% off your next 2 purchases. Reply STOP to opt-out.


Treat yo’self this birthday! Get 2-for-1 specials across [LINE] and bring a friend to share your special day. Book now: [URL] Txt STOP to opt-out

Reward loyal customers

Drive greater loyalty by rewarding long-time customers with special surprises and exclusives via SMS marketing campaigns.


We just wanted to say thanks for being a customer for over [NO] years! Get 50% off your next purchase you use this coupon in-store: [URL] Love The [COMPANY] team


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Proactive Sale Reminder

Get ahead of your competitors’ sales with our instant delivery and bulk SMS marketing software.


Our [HOLIDAY] sale starts in less than 2 hours! Are you ready? Browse our gift collections now [URL] Text STOP to opt-out


Text marketing works, especially when aiming to re-engage churning or lapsed customers. Serve them SMS campaigns they can’t refuse!


Hey there [NAME]! It’s been a while and we miss you. Come check out our ** NEW ** site and collections and get 15% off your next purchase: [URL] Text STOP to opt-out.

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Seasonal offerings

Want to boost your SMS marketing strategy? Consider putting together marketing promotions around the seasons or specials days.

An example MMS message for Black Friday


Get your gifts sorted this Christmas! We’ve got deals on [PRODUCT], and 50% off [LINE], It won’t last so hurry in-store now: [URL] Txt STOP to opt-out


Now autumn is here, FALL for our low low low prices! Top brands, select styles plus $10 delivery. It doesn’t get better than this: [URL] Txt STOP to opt out


Summer’s just around the corner! Check out our new [PRODUCT] line to keep you cool this season: [URL]

Personalised offerings

Ensure you always personalise your text marketing messages, which is easy to do when you use the personalised fields as part of our text messaging service. It’s automatic! Try it out yourself when you sign up for a free trial. No credit card required.


Looking for [PRODUCT]? We’ve got some on special right now! Get it before [DATE]: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out

Free delivery


Get FREE express delivery when you spend [AMOUNT] at [COMPANY] site today! Ends midnight: [URL] Txt STOP to opt-out.

Service offering

Have a service to sell instead? Salons, restaurants and professional service vendors find sending messages to advertise their services equally effective in driving a better customer service experience.


Hey [NAME], looking for something to do this weekend? Join us at [RESTAURANT] Fri – Sun for $50 bottomless brunch b/t [TIME]. Book here: [URL]

Early access

With a 98% open rate, customers will be jumping at the chance to be first to deals thanks to SMS.


Want early access to our sales all year round? Join our [COMPANY] VIP club! No cost to sign-up, just text us: I WANT IN or STOP to opt-out.

Trading hours

Find that advertising trading hours on other channels like social media gets little traction? Make sure you push them directly to interested consumers with the ease of text marketing software like MessageMedia.


This holiday season we’re staying open later to make present shopping even easier! Check out our new trading hours here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt out

New ecommerce store


We’ve moved online! Buy all the best [LINE] or [LINE 2] with an extra 15% off when you visit our website now: [URL]


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