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5 examples of SMS feedback surveys

Collecting feedback from customers is crucial but can be a challenge.

Survey tools can help tell how customers feel about your brand and improve your customer service. It can also be used as social proof when new prospects consider whether to do business with you. In fact, 97% of consumers use online reviews to research and validate product purchases.

Sending customer satisfaction surveys via SMS is an effective method to improve your net promoter score. 


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Why use an SMS feedback tool

Traditional communication channels clutter inboxes with message after message. Email’s open rate has dwindled to 20%, so email surveys may not be the answer.

Businesses are seeking new mobile channels that can cut through the noise and prompt immediate action. Especially when collecting reviews, SMS messages can help in these instances.

Let’s look at some texting statistics:

Best practices for text message feedback

1. Provide an incentive

Add a ‘sweetener when you send surveys, such as a small reward or chance to win a larger prize. An incentive will make leaving a review or answering your query feel worth their time.

2. Send at the ‘happiest moment’

Our consumer trust webinar featured online reviews experts, CCO Tom Goodwin. He advised asking for survey responses during a customer’s ‘happiest moment’, such as directly after seeing their purchase’s impact.  For example, a customer’s happiest moment could be when they come home to a spotless house after paying for a cleaning service.

3. Brand your request

One issue with sending feedback requests or a survey via text is a lack of familiarity. When your messages come from an unknown phone number, customers are less likely to open the text. Create greater recognition by using a Familiar Sender feature, such as a dedicated number. 

Using a dedicated number, all of your messaging and communications will come under one thread and from the same number. Like texting your friends, this means that over time, customers will become familiar with your communications on their mobile phone.

4. Automate your response

Add automation when you send your SMS survey so that replies are programmed rather than attended to manually. For example, if you’re asking a yes or no question, customers can reply and immediately receive a thank you and a follow-up question. 

5 of the best text polls, surveys and feedback templates

1. Product feedback

One of the most common requests is asking customers for feedback on their purchases. Your business can easily use text message surveys to improve your products and ensure offerings live up to their advertised features and quality. 

Product feedback SMS template

TEMPLATE: Hi Amy, you recently bought a #PRODUCT#, can you tell us how often you’re using it? Always, Sometimes, Rarely, Never. Your feedback is important to us. Thanks, #COMPANY#

2. Service feedback

58% of customers will stop using a service if they have one bad experience. Putting together SMS-driven satisfaction surveys will go a long way in remedying any issues, primarily if you aim to listen and fix existing problems.

Service feedback SMS template

TEMPLATE: Hi #NAME, how was your cleaning service experience with #REP1 and #REP2? Leave us a review by clicking here: #URL Thank you.

3. Delivery feedback

In the age of ecommerce, a seamless delivery experience is an asset to any company. Make sure that poor deliveries aren’t driving customers away by sending a simple SMS survey. 

In the example below, you could create different workflow paths that segment customers who answer less than 5 with additional questions to understand their issues in more detail. 

Delivery feedback SMS template

TEMPLATE: #NAME, we hope you enjoy your delivery! Let us know how satisfied you with your order? Please rate your experience out of 10. Thank you.

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4. Event feedback

Survey attendees after (or even before) an event to improve your registrations and sessions. Understanding why attendees buy tickets or what did not meet their needs is essential, especially if you intend to keep running your event.

Event feedback SMS template

TEMPLATE: Hi #NAME, we would love to know why you chose to attend #CONFERENCE! Go in the draw to win a $100 gift voucher when you answer this 5-minute survey: #LINK

5. Support feedback

Did you know 75% of customers will answer between 1-5 questions? While you should keep your surveys short, you can use SMS automation to space out questions so that customers aren’t overwhelmed with a whole page of copy. 

Support feedback SMS phone template

TEMPLATE: [1] Hi #NAME, we’d like to ask you 5 questions about your recent service experience with #REP on #DATE. Reply Y, N or STOP to opt-out.
[2] Y
[3] Thanks, #Name! From 1-5, how likely is it that you will recommend our support service to friends and family?
[4] 4
[5]Great! Please let us know what else we can do to improve our support experience.


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Final thoughts, further reading

Make your life easier by collecting feedback from customers in the form of SMS surveys. With its high cut-through and ease of implementation, you’ll be shocked at the results. Make sure to also check out: