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Empowering customers with intuitive and easy self-service

Drive your own messaging campaigns on a channel that is available 24/7, with great support available as required.

SMS Service & SMS Provider - Bulk SMS provider Australia


Customise your messages for a unique customer experience.

SMS Service & SMS Provider - Two-way SMS provider Australia


A user-friendly, intuitive interface with great functionality and features.

SMS Service & SMS Provider - Email to SMS global service


Easy access to delivery reports or account and billing information.

SMS Service & SMS Provider - SMS provider Messagemedia

Web messaging

Quickly and easily send SMS or MMS messages to one or millions of people through our easy-to-use web portal. Send messages immediately or later. Send all at once, or trickle over a specified time period.


Two-way messaging

Continue the conversation with customers in our conversational inbox.


Bulk messaging

Whether you send a single SMS or a million, our infrastructure scales with your business communications. Easily import CSV data and columns to template fields.


Contact management

Easily import and add important details to contacts, then personalise each message with merge fields that pull data in from contact information.


Email to SMS

Easily set up your email addresses and domains to send SMS the easiest way you know – through your existing email client.


Rich reporting

Gain a quick overview, and dive into our powerful reporting. View rich reports that highlight usage reporting, delivery status and subaccount usage reports.


Portal Features

Short codes

Create a memorable short code that’s easy for customers to recall.

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Short URLs

Short URLs reduce your cost of messaging send and improve the appearance of your messages.

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Receive message replies

Receive replies to your messages that surface in the API

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Text-to-voice automatically converts text messages into voice, so your audience gets the message.

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Web SMS allows you to send text messages from any computer that has an internet connection – no software required.

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Don’t pay for undelivered messages. Clean up your database with lookups to remove invalid numbers.

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Save time by writing your message once, saving, and then re-using it as often as you need.

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Schedule your message and our SMS platform will deliver it at the selected time and date.

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Organise your users or application usage into subaccounts to manage multiple locations or applications at once.

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Keyword auto responses

Configure basic text-based workflows, allowing you to respond and handle text messages that contain specific keywords.

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Metadata adds data to messages that can be interpreted and processed to reveal more information about the message.

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Personalise your messages to customers for a friendlier impression using mail merge style.

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