Short codes

Create a memorable short code that’s easy for customers to recall.

Short codes are half the length of normal phone numbers, making them faster to enter, easier to take in at a glance, and therefore more memorable for the customer.

For example: ‘Text THIRSTY to 12345 to get your free soda today!’

Dedicated short codes

A dedicated short code is perfect for a marketing campaign. Choose whichever keywords you want and generate a short code to use all your promotions – from billboards to brochures. A dedicated short code number gives you a powerful platform for growing your business by reinforcing the brand in a simple but memorable word.

Shared short codes are an ideal solution for businesses wanting the simplicity of short codes without the cost of a dedicated number. They are less expensive, faster to set up, and are supported by our full range of SMS marketing services.

Short codes are at the heart of the most successful text message marketing campaigns. Smart marketers pair them with autoresponders and keywords to take the guesswork out of turning prospects into leads, and leads into customers.

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