SMS for ActiveCampaign.

Ignite your customer experience workflows by adding SMS directly within ActiveCampaign.


Behold, the power of integrations.

Maximise campaign ROI.

Reach customers where they are and seamlessly execute effective multi-channel promotional campaigns. Trigger SMS directly from your ActiveCampaign workflows.


Accelerate your sales cycle.

Increase lead engagement and prospect follow up with time-based drip campaigns. Communicate in a streamlined yet customised way to your clients.


Streamline and automate.

Save time and minimise manual handling by building SMS workflows. Receive real-time notifications on alerts, billing and payment reminders and support ticket updates.

The best bits of SMS for ActiveCampaign.

Add SMS into your existing customer experience and marketing automation workflows. Easily send tailored and targeted promotional campaigns.

Get a 360-degree view of your customer data and communications with all messages automatically logged within contact records.

Easily engage in two-way conversations with your customers and prospects using the shared inbox.

We convert mobile numbers to your local country codes to save you time.

Leverage the power of ActiveCampaign by triggering workflow automations based on inbound SMS responses from​ customers and prospects.

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Check out some popular ways to use SMS for ActiveCampaign.

  • Marketing

    Use bulk SMS to send personalised offers, sale announcements, new product launches and more to grow your revenue.

  • Meeting and
    event reminders.

    Improve attendee rates and engagement with automated SMS confirmations and reminders.

  • Feedback and reviews.

    Encourage your customers to provide valuable feedback and reviews for your business with quick SMS requests.

  • Customer

    Deliver exceptional customer service with two-way messaging that allows customers to get in touch from wherever they are.

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