10-digit long codes (10DLC).

Automatically shorten your text message’s URLs to just 22 characters and save on SMS credits. Track which recipients clicked a link.

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Icon for Local area code.

Local area code.
Retain your existing phone number or area code and stay recognizable to your community.

Icon for High throughput.

High throughput.
Join a network of trusted and vetted businesses that send high volumes of SMS fast.

Icon for Dedicated number.

Dedicated number.
Send text messages from a phone number that is all yours, so recipients can trust that it’s you.

How A2P 10DLC messaging can help your business.

Once approved by the carrier, send A2P SMS messages in high volumes and enjoy two-way conversations with your customers.

Have two-way conversations.

Take your business messaging to the next level by allowing customers to reply to your texts directly. Easily confirm appointments, answer questions, and follow-up via SMS. Send and receive texts from our online portal, via e-mail, or through an API integration.

Receive inbound messages.

With a dedicated virtual number, customers can initiate a conversation with you. Provide seamless customer support when it suits them best. Automatic replies can be set up based on keyword triggers.

Send SMS broadcasts fast.

Messaging throughput will be highest when your business has a high trust score and an approved use case. Our knowledgeable team will help determine which dedicated number type is best for your sending needs.

Once your business has been approved to use a 10DLC for your communication, sending high volume text messages is more cost-efficient.

SMS marketing campaigns.
If you have a last-minute update or need to share an important document, trackable URLs let you know who has opened it.
Two-factor authentication.
Use a dedicated number to send 2FA text messages to increase their authenticity and the customer’s sense of security.
Emergency alerts and notifications.
Broadcast updates, notifications and alerts using a phone number that your customers, staff or community can identify and trust.
Customer communications.
Two-way messaging will provide better customer service. Make it easy for customers to start a conversation when it suits them.

Read our blog post highlighting SMS short codes and 10DLC.

Why shared short codes are going away and 10DLC is coming in the US.

Why shared short codes are going away and 10DLC is coming in the US.

Standard 10-digit numbers have traditionally been used for person-to-person (P2P) messaging, but businesses can now use them if they apply for A2P usage. Commercial messages can be sent from a dedicated short code, a toll-free number, or a 10DLC long code. Learn about SMS long codes and short codes here.

Easy 3 step set-up.

Whether you are messaging a single person or a thousand people, our gateway can handle it. Texts can be sent from our online portal, your existing software via an API, or from your email.

1. Contact our team of experts.

Speak with one of our SMS specialists about applying for a 10DLC. We will help you fill out a registration form and submit it for approval on your behalf.

2. Become registered for a 10DLC.

We will need to submit your use case for approval by the wireless carriers, as well as get your trust score assessed. This may require 2-3 weeks, so it’s best to plan ahead.

3. Start A2P messaging.

Enjoy the benefits of sending messages from your very own commercial long code. If we decide that a 10DLC is not the best fit for you, we will talk you through other Sender ID options.