SMS for Adobe Campaign.

Enhance your customer marketing experiences with SMS and Adobe Campaign.


Behold, the power of integrations.


Increased engagement.

With high open and click-through rates, SMS offers better engagement and drives up lead generation.

Cross-channel communication.

Build campaign workflows to automatically send SMS messages at each stage of the customer journey.


Measurable results.

Gain insights into how customers engage with your text messages, including which links they clicked on.

The best bits of SMS for Adobe Campaign.

Our SMS integration can be used for a range of use cases, such as promotional offers, lead nurturing, alerts and notifications, or feedback and surveys. Personalised text messages can improve loyalty and build trust

Add SMS into your workflows alongside other channels, such as email, to make it easy to launch cross-channel campaigns within one platform. Deliver the right message at the right time through the most effective channels

Gain insights into your marketing campaigns by analysing reports within your dashboard. Understand which landing pages, special offers, and messaging work best by tracking engagement and click-through rates.

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Check out some popular ways to use SMS for ActiveCampaign.

  • Marketing

    Enhance your marketing efforts by creating omnichannel marketing campaigns that resonate with customers and drive sales.

  • Alerts and notifications.

    Save time on repetitive tasks by automatically sending text messages that keep people up to date and informed.

  • Sales

    Nurture prospects and turn them into customers through lead management and conversational messaging within the platform.

  • Feedback and surveys.

    Easily connect with customers, staff and patients through their mobile devices to collect valuable feedback fast.

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