Look good with a dedicated toll-free number.

One toll-free number for all your business calls and texts.
Too easy.

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Icon for Keep things simple.

Keep things simple.
Got a toll-free number already? Switch on the ability to send text messages, so customers can call or text the one number.

Icon for Win everyone’s trust.

Win everyone’s trust.
Go pro with a dedicated 800 SMS number or a vanity number like 1-800-YOUR-BRAND. Trusted by customers and carriers alike.

Icon for Have two-way chats.

Have two-way chats.
Toll-free text messaging works both ways. That is, you can send and receive SMS — giving customers an easy way to get in touch.

A toll-free number for text messaging makes sense. Here’s why.

Image for Save time and money.
Save time and money.
Of all the different types of numbers you can use, toll-free numbers are hands-down the easiest and fastest to set up. Plus, they’re more affordable — giving you more bang for your buck.
Image for Power up personalization.
Power up personalization.
Make your marketing campaigns stand out from the crowd by putting the power of personalization to work. Our portal makes it easy to customize messages for each customer — even when sending in bulk.
Image for Build better relationships.
Build better relationships.
SMS is where it’s at. Your customers will love the fact they can use your toll-free number to get in touch, ask a quick question, or make a booking — without having to actually speak to someone.

Want to see for yourself?

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Do all this and more with toll-free texting.

Run SMS marketing campaigns.

Blast your latest and greatest deals to your loyal customers, and watch the sales stack up.

Help out your customers.

Offer customer support via text message. Customers love it, and it’s easy for your team, too.

Broadcast urgent alerts.

Keep everyone in the loop in time-sensitive situations by sending regular updates.

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Check out more features.

Image for 10-digit long codes.
10-digit long codes.
Send text messages to the masses, and receive them, too.
Image for Two-way SMS.
Two-way SMS.
Chat with your customers in the channel they love.
Image for SMS short codes.
SMS short codes.
Power up your opt-in campaigns with an easy way to connect.

When you sign up with MessageMedia, you can choose what type of number you want to use. A dedicated toll-free number is one of four options (the others are 10DLC, short codes, or your existing number).

If you select ‘dedicated toll-free number’ when signing up, you’ll just need to verify the number via an online form (see below). Then, you can start toll-free number texting straight away.
To help combat fraud and reduce spam, all toll-free numbers need to be verified before you can start sending and receiving SMS. The good news? Verifying your TFN is free and easy. All you need to do is fill out this short form (you’ll be done in less than 20 minutes) and we can handle the rest. Learn more.
Absolutely. You can text-enable your existing toll-free number (or any landline number), which means your customers can call or text the same number.
A toll-free number is the cheapest option for sending and receiving text messages. The number of SMS credits included depends on the pricing plan you choose.