SMS for appointment reminders

Make sure your clients never miss an appointment by sending automated text message reminders

Confirm your customers

Reduce missed appointments by sending and receiving confirmations

Boost your bookings

Make your unconfirmed appointment bookings available and fill empty seats

Keep your staff busy

Confirmed bookings helps plan staffing requirements and improve rostering

How SMS reminders can benefit your business

Life is increasingly busy, so it’s no supirse that 75% of missed appointments are due to forgetfulness - easily remedied with a easy and effective reminder.

  • Healthcare clinics

    Clinics have seen up to 50% reduction in no shows when an appointment reminder message is sent. Ensure out-patient follow-ups are sent and specialist appointments are scheduled months in advance.

  • Hair and beauty salons

    Keep your salon full by reminding your customers about their upcoming bookings. Save your time by easily rescheduling from your mobile phone if they ask for a change.

  • Gyms and fitness

    Set a schedule with your clients so they never forget an appointment. Send text messages to remind them to visit the gym and how to book trainers or classes.

  • Professional services

    Ensure your clients are reminded of important meetings with a reminder service. Send them information they need to plan for or bring, such as certificates and documents.

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