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Reliably reach anyone via their mobile phone number

Get started quickly by sending SMS messages via our web portal or integrate SMS into your everyday activities via our world-class APIs. SMS is low-cost and has higher read rates than any other channel.

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Bulk SMS

Send up to a million messages with a single click via our robust web platform or APIs. Over 90 percent of messages are read within 90 seconds.

SMS Service & SMS Provider - Two-way SMS provider Australia

Two-way SMS

Send and receive messages globally, receiving replies directly via our web portal or webhook notifications to your business applications.

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Email to SMS

Send and receive SMS within your email application. Get started immediately by adding your company’s email domain.

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messages read within 90 seconds


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Instant and timely engagement with your customers

Our SMS service gets the right message to your target customer groups in
real-time to achieve valuable business outcomes. Popular use cases include:

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Appointments
  • Billing and payments
  • Business communications
  • Competitions
  • Customer campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Staff rostering

Tap into your customers' preferences

Customers now prefer to deal with businesses via mobile communications and texting is one of the most popular mobile activities today. Reach your customers the way they want to be reached with our SMS solutions.

  • 75% of millennials prefer text to calling
  • 70% of consumers prefer SMS as a contact method

SMS features

Dedicated numbers

Build trust with your recipients by sending all your messages from a single number.

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Short trackable links

Shorten your URLs to 22 characters and track every interaction by recipient with an automatic SMS URL shortener.

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Text-to-voice automatically converts text messages into voice, so your audience gets the message.

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Web SMS allows you to send text messages from any computer that has an internet connection – no software required.

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Don’t pay for undelivered messages. Clean up your database with lookups to remove invalid numbers.

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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS enables you to quickly and easily send a single SMS to tens – or thousands – of recipients.

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Two-way SMS

Use two-way SMS messaging to send and receive replies, follow up on responses with ease, and track who has responded and when.

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Email to SMS

Send messages via your existing email program, such as Outlook, Gmail or Office365, with no need for additional software.

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Webhooks allows your application to receive real-time notifications of messaging events that occur on the MessageMedia platform.

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Enterprise webhooks

Ensure information is coming from verified sources and protect your system from unwanted data.

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Short codes

Create a memorable short code that’s easy for customers to recall.

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Optimised routing

Continuous monitoring of carrier networks with automatic alternate routing in the event of outage or failure.

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Familiar sender

Develop trust with your customers through conversation.

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High speed

Thousands of messages processed per second with 95 percent of messages delivered within two seconds.

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Save time by writing your message once, saving, and then re-using it as often as you need.

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Schedule your message and our SMS platform will deliver it at the selected time and date.

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Social sending

Avoid accidentally disturbing customers out of hours and limit messaging to between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

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Ensure your business does not send duplicate messages to the same customer

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Character conversion

Automatically remove special characters that can result in excessive charges and garbled messages.

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Organise your users or application usage into subaccounts to manage multiple locations or applications at once.

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Keyword auto responses

Configure basic text-based workflows, allowing you to respond and handle text messages that contain specific keywords.

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Metadata adds data to messages that can be interpreted and processed to reveal more information about the message.

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Long messages

When 160 characters isn’t enough, long messages means you can include all the information you need.

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International SMS and global reach

MessageMedia is connected with global carriers around the world, so you can send international SMS to anyone.

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Personalise your messages to customers for a friendlier impression using mail merge style.

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Delivery receipts

Track your SMS messages and understand delivery status in real-time through our visual reporting.

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Case Studies

NZME grows audience with SMS and desktop platform

An SMS platform is helping this media company achieve its primary goal of increasing audience number.

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Automated texts cut payment handling costs by 30 percent

Using SMS enabled to recoup failed payments faster, more easily, and cut handling costs by 25 to 30 percent.

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SMS helps EdSmart get messages to schools’ parents

“If it’s urgent, send it via SMS. It doesn’t have to be an emergency, but if it’s time-sensitive, an SMS is best."

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Use cases

SMS appointment reminders

Missed appointments lose revenue, so ensure maximum attendance by confirming attendance beforehand via SMS.

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SMS alerts and notifications

Keep everyone informed – staff, customer or teams – instantly and reliably with messages that get through at the right time, every time.

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With SMS competitions, everyone wins. You benefit from of an engaged audience, while your customers get the chance to win!

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