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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS enables you to quickly and easily send a single SMS to tens – or thousands – of recipients.

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Using our bulk SMS service, businesses can send a single text message, broadcast to a select group of contacts, an entire address book or the client database.

Bulk SMS messaging is a form of mobile marketing that helps marketers and business owners engage customers and increase revenue. At its simplest, it sends out a single message to a list of mobile phone numbers; however, there are a range of options available that make the service a hugely powerful marketing and communication tool.

Mass SMS messaging is popular, in part, because it is so economical yet effective. By taking a relatively inexpensive method of communication and applying economies of scale, it can offer significant reductions on your marketing and communication costs.

Bulk SMS can be used for:

  • automated appointment reminders
  • bill reminders and notifications
  • staff rostering
  • security and authentication applications
  • many other applications

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