Two-way SMS

Receive replies back to your application, follow up on responses with ease, and track who has responded and when.

Two-way SMS is great for businesses as it allows you to send messages to any network and receive replies back to your application.

Our messaging gateway matches replies to specific messages sent so that you can keep track of responses at a glance. Called ‘message tagging’, this is a unique feature of two-way messaging which tells your application exactly which outbound message corresponds to a given reply. This is especially important for transactional messaging applications.

SMS with two-way messaging can be integrated into your business applications, allowing you to automate processes. Two-way SMS is especially useful for:

  • Managing on-time appointment attendance
  • Sending reminders to fill in timesheets or correct errors
  • Setting up emergency rostering to fill unforeseen gaps
  • Notifying employees and temps of available shifts

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