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Strike a conversation, ignite brand love

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Trends & Innovations 3 min read | Jade Gebbie wrote in blog on April 28, 2023

Technology has redefined the way businesses connect with their customers – no doubt about it. Building customer relationships is one thing – keeping them is another. Hit both nails on the head? That’s where you’ll truly differentiate yourself from your competitors.

But (this is the biggie) how do you do that? Get your tech stack right, and you’ll offer customer service that slays and rally a loyal following to share the brand love.  

Hello, how can we help today?

So, why is choosing the right tech stack so important? Well, for starters, the user-friendliness of your tech stack will sway how nimble your business is. Get the balance right, and there are some big benefits: fewer process roadblocks, better productivity and happier staff. All the good things.

The main part, though, is customer experience. With competition higher than ever, how you connect with your customers can’t just be adequate. It needs to be unforgettable.

Here are some ways integrating SMS with your tech stack can help you build stronger, more beautiful customer connections.

Let’s get personal

Tech has given us lots of new ways to delight customers. But what really impresses them is highly personalised and responsive service. Even something as simple as personalising your text messages – think names, dates, times, order numbers, purchases (the list goes on) – shows each person is more than just a number. 

Super speedy responses

What’s more, customers expect a response – like now. If you don’t give them one, they’ll move on to someone who will. With SMS, messages are delivered in an instant, so you strike up a conversation before anybody else does. You’ll be halfway through a conversation before your competitor has opened their inbox.

Set, forget and walk away

Automated replies are how you get an edge over your rivals. SMS uses rule-based triggers to send automated messages for repetitive tasks like appointment reminders or invoice confirmations. This helps keep handling times short, abandon rates low and customer satisfaction high – just the way we like it.

Tech that plays well together stays together

Almost every week, there’s a shiny new app on the market. But a bunch of tech that doesn’t work together is unnecessarily complicated – and your customers will lose. A big part of all this is integration. It’s important to look carefully at your tech stack and choose tools that you can integrate with your core business platforms. That way, you can build things like SMS into your workflows (not on top of them) and create easy, memorable customer experiences. Nice work.

Are you and your tech stack hand-on-heart providing the best customer service? Download our latest playbook and discover ways to keep connecting with your customers.

Is your tech stack letting you provide the best customer experience?

Download our latest playbook and discover new ways to get closer to your customers

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