SMS personalisation.

Let every customer feel like they have your undivided attention by personalising your text messages. Use custom fields, which are similar to mail merge.

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Icon for Increase conversions.

Increase conversions.
The average open rate of SMS is 98%. Once you throw in personalisation, you will keep your contact’s attention even longer.

Icon for Grow customer trust.

Grow customer trust.
Segment contacts based on past purchases, interests and past conversations. Retain customers and build loyalty.

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Simplify manual tasks.
Import contact lists with custom fields to our portal. We’ll populate the SMS template for you, so you’ll just need to press send.

How SMS personalisation can help your business.

Send messages to thousands of contacts without sounding disingenuous or generic.

Import custom fields (also known as merge tags).

Add customised fields that best suit your purpose. There is no need to re-create spreadsheets over again. If variables change every month, override your last import and add to a saved SMS template.

Create automated replies based on keywords.

Two-way SMS allows you to continue conversations. Set up keyword-based auto-replies, so contacts can enjoy a prompt and personal messaging experience.

Segment your contact list based on behaviour.

Stay top of mind by following up customers with special offers, discounts and check-ins. Segment contacts based on past interactions, behaviours and interests to be more engaging.

Tailoring your text messages will take your communication capabilities to the next level.

Send direct debit notices or debt collection alerts via SMS. Tailor custom fields to include names, amounts owed and due dates.
SMS marketing
Engage prospective and existing customers with personalised SMS campaigns. Segment contacts for even higher engagement.
Impress clients from the beginning of their experience. Give peace of mind by confirming names, dates, times by using merge tags.
Prompt contacts to give feedback via SMS. Include their name, service provided or item purchased, along with a unique survey link.

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How to send customised SMS (and save time).

How to send customised SMS (and save time).

When it comes to leaving a lasting impact on your customers, a little can go a long way. Including personal touches, such as a friendly greeting and their first name, helps to build brand trust and loyalty. Read our tips on how to customise your SMS messages while saving your business time.

Easy 3 step setup.

Whether you are sending a single message or a marketing blast, our cloud-based SMS portal makes it simple. Get round-the-clock premium support from our local team.

1. Create an account with MessageMedia.

Our online portal is easy to use and ready for you to start sending SMS messages. Alternatively, choose to connect to an API.

2. Import your contact list and data.

Set up your custom fields, which are also known as merge tags. We’ll fill in placeholders with your data within our web portal.

3. Set up workflows and start sending.

If needed, set up SMS automations and templates to enhance your workflow. Either way, you are ready to press send.