SMS for Microsoft Dynamics

MessageMedia and Microsoft Dynamics

Build better engagement with customers and prospects by adding SMS to Microsoft Dynamics

MessageMedia and Microsoft Dynamics
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Streamline your processes

Save time and cut manual tasks by building SMS workflows that send text messages automatically.

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Accelerate your sales cycle

Increase lead engagement and prospect follow-up with automated time-based SMS, so leads don’t turn cold.

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Maximise your campaign ROI

Better connect with customers via personalised text messages to add another layer to your campaigns.

Add SMS messages, without adding other software

Engage customers and prospects in real-time, two-way conversations without leaving the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform with our easy to set up plugin.

Here are the most common use cases for SMS

Sales engagement

Follow up with leads via SMS and provide a link to your website or calendar. This helps keep the conversation going.

Delivery & tracking

Keep customers informed, reduce lost packages, and ensure parcels are delivered with SMS for delivery tracking.

Customer support

Reduce call waiting times by providing customers with two-way conversational messaging with your support team.

Employee communications

Get immediate attention with staff by sending SMS notifications about new policies, training, or business changes.