SMS for insurance.

Create seamless and integrated communication experiences for customers, employees and partners

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Streamlined service and support.
Keep your customers covered with renewals, payments and updates by text.

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Time critical communications.
Send quotes, claim-in-progress updates and emergency weather alerts.

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Boost your marketing presence.
Build personalised campaigns that cut through to new and existing customers.

How SMS can transform insurance.

SMS marketing campaigns have over 7 times greater performance than email campaigns.

Streamline everyday experiences.

Remind customers of due dates, easy payment options and reminders to enhance your customer communications.

Streamline the claims process.

Keep customers informed on the status of their insurance claim and use conversational messaging for faster resolutions.

Integrate your marketing.

Create integrated and personal marketing campaigns for one-to-one offers such as offers, events and seminars.

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The future of messaging.

The future of messaging.

Communications can become experiences your customers will love when you build rich messaging into your bulk SMS or conversational messaging flows. Create two-way messaging solutions to send and receive communications that streamline your service and support.

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