SMS for hair and beauty

Every empty chair, every no show, represents a missed opportunity. Keep a full calendar with text messaging.

Hair and Beauty pill

Reduce no-shows

Cut missed appointments by more than 30% with SMS appointment reminders

Boost repeat business

Reach customers with offers to fill empty seats and boost bookings

Streamline schedules

Coordinate your staff and bookings for staff rostering and last minute changes

How SMS can transform beauty and hair salons

SMS messages have a 90% open rate and are read within 90 seconds of arrival

Animation showing a mobile phone emitting a signal to a range of contacts spread widely
  • Keep a full schedule

    Two-way conversational text messaging makes it easy for customers to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments, helping you avoid costly no-shows.

  • Integrate your marketing

    Connect SMS to your scheduling software and set thresholds that automatically send reminders, or even discounts, to customers who are overdue for another appointment.

  • Streamline staff rostering

    Send urgent shift notifications in seconds, or set up automated reminders so your staff always know when they're needed.