Short trackable links

Shorten your URLs to 22 characters and track every interaction by recipient with an automatic SMS URL shortener.

This feature shortens URLs to just 22 characters and tracks user engagement by recipient. Enable it to access a host of benefits – not least of all cutting the cost of your messaging send.

Measure your SMS campaign with short trackable links

Website URLs can be extremely long, complex, and somewhat distracting. Furthermore, they can chew up a large percentage of your 160-character word limit in an SMS, leaving little room for other crucial information.

MessageMedia’s short trackable links not only shorten your URLs but make them unique to every recipient. By using a unique URL, you can see exactly who has (or has not) tapped the link, enabling you to accurately track user engagement and measure the value of your SMS marketing campaign.

This feature provides precise campaign analytics about the source of your conversions. Generate a report via the web portal or API to see every interaction with your short link. Send messages to hundreds – or even thousands – of customers, track every recipient who tapped, and employ these user metrics in your digital marketing strategy.

With these data insights, you can measure the ROI of your campaign, and improve your next SMS campaign.

Other benefits of short trackable links

Better engagement with messages

Your messages can be more meaningful with links that direct your customers to more detailed information. Link to your Facebook page, current specials or other content to encourage engagement.

Reduce costs

Save on the cost of your send with shorter messages, eliminating the risk (and cost) of multiple messages that can really add up.

Professional look and service

Short URLs not only appeal more to readers, but look cleaner and more professional.

Scales with your business

As your business grows with larger quantities of messages, the short trackable links feature scales with you. Even links within bulk SMS sends are automatically and reliably shortened, with a unique link for every recipient.

A seamless process

Your URLs are shortened as they are processed – no separate procedure is required. Once the feature is switched on, our URL shortener processes links in your messages automatically in the background.

Streamline your suppliers

Instead of an account with an individual supplier for your shortened links, streamline the process by consolidating this with your messaging provider.


Receive the same high performance and reliability as your SMS messages containing short trackable links pass through our SMS gateway.

Get started

Start measuring your campaign metrics. Short trackable links are available for new MessageMedia web portal accounts, and REST API and SMPP accounts. Contact us to enable this today!

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