Short URLs

Short URLs reduce your cost of messaging send and improve the appearance of your messages.

Website links can be extremely long, complex and somewhat distracting. Furthermore, a link in your SMS message can chew up a large percentage of your 160-character word limit, leaving little room for other crucial information.

Use short URLs to reduce the length of weblinks within your messages to just 22 characters.

The benefits of short URLs

Better engagement with messages

Your messages can be more meaningful with links that direct your customers to more detailed information or helpful advice.

Cut costs

A single SMS that becomes two due the length of a URL can literally double the cost of your message send. Short URLs reduce this risk with more compact messages.

More professional messages

Readers find short URLs easier to read. An added advantage is that the more concise appearance of the links makes them look less like spam and more professional.

Scales with your business

As your business grows, short URLs can be used for small or bulk SMS sends. Even messages within your bulk sends can include short URLs.

A seamless process

The entire process of shortening your links happens automatically without the need for any additional processes – just switch it on!

Consolidate suppliers

Consolidate the process of shortening URLs and sending messages in the one platform, removing the need for separate suppliers and accounts.


Receive the same high performance and reliability as your SMS messages containing short URLs pass through our SMS gateway.

Use cases

Privacy opt-out links

Privacy legislation requires an opt-out link, but a long link wastes characters that provide no return or benefit. With a 22-character URL, ensure you meet privacy legislation and utilise your extra characters to maximum effect.

Sales events

Invite your customers to a sales event, with the critical details – date, time and location – within the SMS. A short URL send customers to your website for details about products on sale.

To find out more about short URLs for your messages, contact support today!

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