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SMS automation and workflows

Automated text messaging saves time. Turn a one-way message send into an engaging, automated two-way SMS conversation with your customer.

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We know you’re busy running your business, so we’ve created automated SMS. SMS automation reduces manual tasks – so you can focus on your core business. An automated SMS service simplifies inbound and outbound SMS by creating rules. Rules trigger the desired action, saving you time as well as increasing customer engagement and driving better results from your SMS campaigns.

Automation also enables personalised text or images based on recipient details, with customised messages adapted to specific actions or replies.

With real-time delivery and responses, your business can deliver more timely messages and replies. Forward replies to an email or mobile for real-time notifications, and add or remove from contact groups for better segmentation.

You can even use workflows to connect with and update other systems.

Your automatic text message send is based on specific actions, such as:

  • Send automated SMS replies: Reply to an inbound SMS with set text
  • Contact management: Add or remove a phone number to a contact group
  • Create VIP lists: Create a group based on a particular keyword
  • Forward to email: Forward the content of an SMS to email
  • Forward to SMS: Forward an inbound SMS to another number
  • Forward to URL (using webhooks): Forward the content of an SMS to a webhook URL

Automation templates

Become a message automation expert in just a few clicks with our pre-built templates, enabling you to switch on new workflows within minutes.

Our pre-built templates cover common types of automation tasks, such as customer support, satisfaction surveys, and picture messages (MMS) – sent directly to your mobile phone.

Managed services for complex workflows

No workflow is too complex: our team of experts can solve your requirements with our managed service for workflows.

If your business requires a more complicated workflow with deeper system integration or custom actions, we can help.

Contact us to find out more and start saving time and effort with automations.

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