One company hit send. Boom: instant results.

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3 min read | February 17, 2023

For 15 years, one battery business has been providing good old fashioned Aussie innovation to the power storage market. You could say they’re electrifyingly good at what they do. But the family-owned and operated business is just getting started.

“We aspire to be a one-stop power-solution shop for Aussies,” says the marketing specialist we spoke to.

The challenge.

When it comes to advertising, the company had tried almost everything. Originally an ecommerce-only retailer, it has always looked for new ways to talk directly to its customers. But, in an increasingly busy market, that’s easier said than done.

“With all the iOS and Facebook updates, it’s getting harder to get straight to the point,” our contact explains.

With big sales targets and plans to expand its retail footprint, they needed a faster, more agile way of telling its customers about upcoming sales and new products.

We recently opened our first showroom in Perth. The long-term plan would be to open another store in Australia and grow our sales internationally.

The solution.

The company had found they’d hit a plateau with traditional marketing channels. Tactics like Facebook ads were still valuable, but weren’t getting the same cut-through.

The marketing specialist had used MessageMedia in a previous role, so he already knew “the power and impact” SMS can have. Without hesitation, the battery company fired things up.

We sent our first SMS campaign for end-of-financial-year, and almost immediately, our number of website visitors started going up. MessageMedia was a big part of us hitting our sales target that month.

 The results.

One of their biggest wins using SMS has been around abandoned carts.

Within five minutes of an abandoned cart, we’ve fired off an SMS – and that’s definitely increased our conversion rate .

Then there was Black Friday, and the opening of its new Perth showroom.

During Black Friday, we were getting smashed with emails and Facebook ads. So, we used SMS instead, and the store was pumping within an hour. We also saw in-store sales increase massively.

It’s safe to say, MessageMedia is working – and for as little as seven cents per SMS.

We were spending big numbers on things like Google Ads. With SMS, we can talk to 10,000 people for $700 and know that the ROI will be high.

What’s more, MessageMedia is super easy to use and integrates well with Shopify.

All I do is go into the app and schedule an SMS – it takes me 15 minutes tops, no design needed. When we need to turn around a promotion quickly, we can do that with MessageMedia.

 What’s next?

Next year the company is all set to step things up a notch. It’s recently hit record sales, and with MessageMedia’s help, it plans on going even bigger.

So far, we’ve sent two to three SMS campaigns, and next year we want to be more consistent. We’ve also seen the best results when we use segmentation, so we’re going to explore doing that with SMS too.

Ready to roll?

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