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6 powerful benefits of SMS that every business needs

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SMS 101 4 min read | Amanda Ranville wrote in blog on October 6, 2022

What’s one thing you know your customers always have with them? Their mobile phone. The average person checks their phone a whopping 352 times per day. That’s once every three minutes.

It’s numbers like these that point to why SMS is such a powerful marketing and communications tool for businesses. But there’s more to it. Let’s take a look at why SMS has so many advantages over other channels.

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Tap into these handy advantages of SMS

SMS is an invaluable and incredibly versatile business tool. Retailers use it to promote upcoming sales. Medical centres and restaurants use it to reduce no-shows. Service-based businesses use it to collect customer feedback. And so much more.  

Whatever way you plan to use it, the benefits of SMS speak for themselves.

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1. There’s nothing faster than SMS

If you need to get an urgent message out to your customers, SMS is the way to go. For example, you might want to hold a flash sale to clear out some stock, or you may need to send out an important update to all customers. 

It’s ultra-quick and easy to send a bulk SMS broadcast to everyone on your database using our web portal features. Even better, more than 60% of people read their SMS within 5 minutes

Automation makes SMS even easier and more efficient. You can set up automatic text messages for different scenarios, which helps reduce the burden on your team.

TOP TIP: Use SMS automation for internal reminders, too. For example, say you send automatic payment reminders for overdue bills. You could also send an automatic text message to a customer support agent, reminding them to follow up with the customer if they don’t pay.

2. Every text message can be personalised

As your business goes from strength to strength, it can feel harder to deliver the personal touch. Yet personalisation becomes even more important when you’re growing. 

Use SMS automation to easily add customers’ names and other details to your messages. This way, it feels like you’re speaking directly to each and every customer – yet behind the scenes, all you have to do is click ‘send’ once.

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3. You can reach more people

Did you know that 7.26 billion people own a mobile phone? That’s over 91% of the world’s population. Not all of these phones are smartphones – which means they might not feature the latest apps or email tools. But they can certainly receive and reply to SMS messages.

With SMS, all you need is your customer’s phone number and their consent, and then you’re good to go with messaging them. There’s no risk of emails going to junk folders, or posted mail getting lost along the way. Just instantaneous messages out to the masses.

4. SMS is oh-so-simple

The MessageMedia web portal has been designed with simplicity in mind. The clean, uncluttered interface is super intuitive, so anyone in your team can easily jump in and start sending SMS messages out to customers.

Not only is SMS easy for you to use, but it’s simple and easy for your customers, too. Pretty much everyone knows how to read and respond to text messages. These days, they’re also comfortable following instructions in your texts, whether that’s clicking on a link or confirming an appointment.

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5. SMS is a direct marketing channel

Ask any marketer, and they’ll tell you that the biggest benefit of SMS is its immediacy. SMS offers a direct route to customers – which simplifies your marketing strategy.

As a direct way to get in touch, you can set up two-way conversations with your customers, too. And this, in turn, helps strengthen relationships and boost loyalty.

6. SMS is incredibly cost-effective

SMS is one of the most cost-effective communication channels available to marketers. It’s cheap to set up and send SMS messages, and with great results on marketing messages like product offers and sales promos, it delivers a strong return on investment.

Experience the benefits of SMS in your business

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