15 June 2020

It’s EOFY! Marketing tax services with SMS

End of the financial year is always the busiest for accountants and tax professionals. Almost 86% of Australian accounting firms are small and micro businesses who provide support to other SMEs, so there’s a lot of competition out there. This is a key time to capitalise on an SMS marketing strategy to get ahead of your competitors and drive new business before EOFY.

The ATO is already doing it, so make sure you also leverage the power of SMS before June 30 rolls around. It’s an easy, low-cost addition to your current communication or marketing budget. Here are some top marketing tactics and tips when using SMS for accounting firms: 

Remind current customers that tax time is almost here  

With email inboxes being cluttered, and most small businesses wanting to capitalise on the ATO’s help during the pandemic without being bogged down in the minutia and complexity of Job Keeper payments, SMS is great for cutting through and getting small businesses to act fast with your support. 

SMS Alert reminder tax-time for accounting firms

Want to use the template? <<“Hi there! We know this year has been a little different from the others, but we’re here to help you navigate it now that tax-time is just around the corner. Call us at [phone number] or reply YES, and we’ll have one of our accountants get in touch to set up a time.>>

Make sure to set automated reminders, as most will likely put off tax preparations for another week or two. Keep reminding them to act with SMS reminders set one week apart. 

Set up appointments 

Setting appointments via SMS is easy when you use integrations. Make sure you choose an SMS provider that can enable two-way conversations with customers.  Even better, pick one that allows you to integrate marketing automation reminders and appointment schedulers in with your SMS broadcasts.

You can check your current CRM or accounting software if they have one, or simply add a free application such as Google Calendar through a connector integration platform like Zapier. You can get set up in just a few minutes.

Set tax appointments for accountants using SMS template example

Want to use this template? << “Hi there [name], as a long-time customer, we wanted to see if you wanted to set up a tax appointment? Reply YES to set up. Reply REMIND if you want us to come back in a week. Reply NO to opt out. >>

<<That’s great! You can see my schedule, and free times here: [link] Looking forward to hearing from you – [customer name].>>

RELATED: Learn about different kinds of integrations, and how to get started using them in your business.  

MessageMedia integrates with multiple calendar applications, plus numerous larger software applications. Check out our integration marketplace, or our pre-made automation templates when you sign up for a free account to our web portal.

Changes or updates 

Because of how fast SMS cuts through and gets responses, you can use text messaging to get further information from a customer, alert them to delayed payment, or let them know when their return is coming with an estimate of how much they are likely to get back.  

SMS is non-intrusive, quick to set up and send and allows customers to respond when they are available. It also saves you resources and time!

Want to use this template? << “Hi there [name], in order to get you your detailed financial report to you ASAP, I need one more piece of information regarding your current tax status. Use the link to fill in the information. Thank you. [link]>>

Integrate SMS into your accounting software 

There are +50 integrations you can connect to through our integrations marketplace, and an additional +2500 integrations you can make through a connector integration platform like Zapier. Using MessageMedia’s SMS solution, you can create all kinds of workflows to streamline internal processes and enable better results for your team and clients. 

More importantly, we have integrations for two of the top accounting systems: 

Make sure you check out all the things you can do with these integrations such as improve cash flow, enhance customer experience or keep customer details up-to-date automatically. All it takes is five minutes of your time now to save you thousands of man-hours in the future. Why wouldn’t you get started now? 

set up SMS for your accounting firm tax time

Got an accounting firm or small business who could benefit from SMS? Talk to us or sign up now right now and get 25 free SMS messages. 

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