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Marketing tax services during EOFY [SMS ed]

The end of the financial year is always the busiest for accountants and tax professionals. Almost 86% of accounting firms are small and micro-businesses that provide support to other SMEs, so there’s a lot of competition out there. This is a key time to capitalise on an SMS marketing strategy to get ahead of your competitors and drive new business before the year finishes.

Make sure to leverage the power of SMS before June 30 rolls around. It’s an easy, low-cost addition to your current communication or marketing budget.

Here are some top marketing tactics and tips for using SMS to get more clients and deliver more returns:

Remind customers tax time is around the corner  

Email sends are unlikely to be picked up fast so get customers attention quickly by sending them a text message reminder. Let the know June is just around the corner, and give them the ability to set up an appointment with you. If this works for you, you can schedule a yearly send to all customers so you won’t have to even think about it next year!

Hi there! Tax time is here again! Call us at #phone number# or reply YES, and we’ll get in touch to set up a time. Txt STOP to opt-out

Make sure to set automated reminders, as most will likely put off tax preparations for another week or two. Keep reminding them to act with SMS reminders set one week apart. 

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Win more clients during tax-time

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Make appointments and automate reminders to keep them

Setting appointments via SMS is easy when you use integrations. Make sure you choose an SMS provider that can enable two-way conversations with customers.  Even better, pick one that allows you to integrate marketing automation reminders and appointment schedulers along with your SMS broadcasts.

You can check your current CRM or accounting software if they have one, or simply add a free application such as Google Calendar through a connector integration platform like Zapier. You can set this up pretty quickly.

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MessageMedia integrates with multiple calendar applications, plus numerous larger software applications. Check out our integration marketplace, or our pre-made automation templates when you sign up for a free account to our web portal.

Hi there #NAME#, did you want to set up a tax return appointment? Reply YES OR REMIND to come back in a week. Txt STOP to opt out

Great #NAME#! Click here for my schedule: #LINK# Speak soon!

Text message reminders can also be useful to make sure that customers keep their appointments. Medical clinics use them as they have found to produce a 50% reduction in no-shows.

Hi #NAME#, this is your friendly reminder of your tax appointment with #ACCOUNTANT# on #DATE# at #TIME#. Please let us know if you are unable to make it.

Alert customers to important changes or updates 

Because of how fast SMS cuts through and gets responses, you can use text messaging to alert customers to information of interest such as tax changes that may significantly affect them. It can also be used in other ways such as alerting them to delayed payment, or when and how much they are likely to get with their return.

SMS is non-intrusive, quick to set up and send and allows customers to respond when they are available. It also saves you resources and time!

Hi there #NAME#, we’ll need some additional information regarding your current tax status. Use this link to fill out our form: #LINK# Thank you.

Integrate SMS into your accounting software 

There are numerous integrations you can use to connect your current systems to our SMS software and service. Check out our integrations marketplace, and an additional +2500 integrations you can make through a connector integration platform like Zapier. Using MessageMedia’s SMS solution, you can create all kinds of workflows to streamline internal processes and enable better results for your team and clients. 

More importantly, we have integrations for two of the top accounting systems: 

Make sure you check out all the things you can do with these integrations such as improve cash flow, enhance customer experience or keep customer details up-to-date automatically. All it takes is five minutes of your time now to save you thousands of man-hours in the future. Why wouldn’t you get started now? 


Get proactive about acquiring new clients

Use SMS to grab their attention…and keep it!

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Final thoughts, further reading

It’s important to use all the tools at your disposal to continue generating new clients and work for your accounting business. SMS during EOFY can be very helpful, but there are so many ways accounting firms can use it to build relationships and sustain their business all year. Make sure to also check out:

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