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MessageMedia is connected with global carriers around the world, so you can send international SMS to anyone.

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International SMS is the best way to send and receive instant, reliable communications from your overseas clients and customers. Using international SMS means that you can contact people overseas – even when they don’t have internet access – and be sure that your message is being received. We send international SMS to 187 countries worldwide, which means that we can offer truly global coverage. Prices vary by country, so contact us for an international SMS quote today.

Why use international SMS?

International SMS is popular for a number of reasons: firstly because it’s cheap, but also because it’s highly effective and probably the most reliable way of communicating with overseas clients and customers. International SMS is ideal for communications that require a high level of delivery confidence and is hugely popular for travel delay and cancellation notifications, marketing messages, and billing notifications and reminders.

With over 90 percent of messages read within 90 seconds, SMS generates greater customer engagement and response than other forms of electronic communication. SMS delivers a much higher open rate than email and has far more impact than a tweet. Using international SMS means that you can reach customers just about anywhere in the world, with the confidence that they are receiving and reading your messages.

Using dedicated numbers and alpha tags with international SMS

If they are available in your region, using international SMS with a dedicated SMS number or branded alpha tag solution differentiate your messages and are perfect for brands that want a permanent and credible international marketing presence.

Registered alpha tags support one-way messaging, but dedicated numbers enable two-way messaging, which allows you to send and receive SMS from the same number, every time.  Incorporating two-way messaging allows easy and low-cost return communications from your customers, and is ideal for features like automated opt-out, appointment and booking rescheduling or cancellations, and customer service call-backs.

Check what is available for the country to which you want to send your messages, as different local regulations apply.  International support for Alphanumeric Sender ID.

Sending international SMS is easy

With our easy-to-use SMS services, you can send international SMS messages as a single SMS, broadcast to a select group of contacts, or send to your entire address book or client database.

Using Web SMS you can send and receive international SMS messages right from your web browser. You can compose messages, create schedules, and generate reports. With nothing to download and no additional components to install, our Web SMS service is available anytime and anywhere.

Email to SMS lets you use your favourite email system to send international SMS messages to your staff and customers using your existing contacts and get replies delivered right to your inbox.

With our bulk SMS APIs you can automate your business processes and communications with a comprehensive range of APIs and SDKs. We provide full support for popular languages, Secure FTP, SMPP and third-party applications.

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