Automated SMS service.

Send messages promptly and efficiently – without needing to be there. Use rule-based triggers to save your business time.

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Automates reply processes.

Simplify inbound SMS with a rule-based system that’s faster than human capabilities. Customise rules to suit your user journey.

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Integrates into your software.

MessageMedia integrates into your existing toolset – without needing to download new software. Upload sheets or connect to an API.

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Streamlines manual tasks.

Set and forget repetitive and time-consuming tasks by creating SMS triggers. Get admin time back while keeping customers satisfied.

How SMS automation can help your business.

Sending automated text messages will simplify your workflow, so you can spend less time on manual tasks and more time boosting your bottom line.

Delivery Tracking

Grow your customer base with opt-in SMS marketing.

Use a shortcode to run opt-in campaigns. Offer vouchers, launch competitions or invite customers to join your loyalty program. Automatically add contacts to groups, customise opt-out rules and measure success with scheduled reporting.

Forward SMS to email (and vice versa).

If you’re on the go or out of office, get messages from wherever you are. Leverage automation to send and receive SMS from your email address. MMS messages can be sent as email attachments, so the transition is seamless wherever you are.

Segment contact groups based on inbound messages.

Automatically create VIP lists by creating rules, keyword triggers and trackable links. Sort contacts into as many groups as you like, from prospects to returning customers. Turn a single text message into a customised two-way conversation – without needing to be there.

SMS will take your marketing initiatives and customer support to the next level – without having to think twice about it.

  • SMS marketing campaigns.

    Encourage customers to text-in a keyword, which triggers an automated response and builds your marketing database.

  • Text-in

    Get the public to opt-in. For example, ‘Text us by midnight to enter’. Automate replies based on keywords or when it was sent.

  • Feedback &

    Automatically follow-up with an SMS-based survey. Send auto replies based on feedback results to continue the conversation.

  • Schedule SMS reminders

    Reclaim hours spent manually sending appointment reminders and confirmations by scheduling text messages in advance.

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See how using automated SMS has helped our customer. is an online marketplace used by more than 3m Australians to compare quotes from local businesses, like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and more.

Automated SMS improved business members’ experience by making communication more accessible and in real time.

“SMS is less intrusive and a better experience. There’s less hassle and it doesn’t interrupt their day,” they said.

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Get started in just 3 steps.

Sending a single message or an SMS broadcast is simple when using our cloud based SMS portal. Get 24/7 premium support from our local Australia based team.

Set up in three easy steps - create account, add contacts, write your message

1. Create an account with MessageMedia.

Our online web portal is easy to navigate and ready for you to send MMS or SMS messages from. Alternatively, connect to an API.

2. Set up your rule-based triggers.

From scheduling an out-of-office text to customising your opt-out keywords, your conditions can be as simple or complex as you like.

3. Send messages and rely on automatic replies.

Once you’ve sent a mass text, you can count on triggered responses without needing to manage them.