21 March 2019

Integrate SMS and short trackable links into your marketing automation

The increasing demands of running a business have given rise to marketing automation. The integration of SMS and short trackable links into your marketing automation system, such as Adobe Campaign Manager, means an easy omnichannel solution that delivers results.

The rise of marketing automation

The increasing demands of running a business have given rise to marketing automation to save time, nurture existing customers and increase access to new leads. The current figure of 67 percent of businesses already using marketing automation is set to rise, with 21 percent planning to implement the technology.

The ideal marketing automation system nurtures prospects throughout the sales funnel, automating repetitive tasks and providing a seamless customer experience.

Within that journey, smart businesses are using a range of channels to reach their customers beyond standard email.

SMS as a part of the mix

The open rates for SMS of 98 percent exceeds that of email, which has an industry average of 22 percent. A successful SMS campaign can elicit eight times the response rate of email, and a 23.3 percent conversion rate.

SMS as part of your marketing automation journey is crucial and, using MessageMedia’s API, can be easily integrated into one of the best and most common marketing automation solutions around – Adobe Campaign Manager.

A unique URL for each recipient

Using a shortened URL generated by some popular providers can mean that businesses lose the ability to track click-through rates (CTR) of their SMS campaign when using marketing automation systems. The marketing automation tool may override the parameters of the original URL, making critical analytics unavailable. Moreover, some marketing tools often append more data to a third party short link, therefore negating the benefits of a short message.

Using our short trackable links, however, enables tracking of CTR regardless of the marketing automation tools you use. Short URLs within your SMS look cleaner, more professional, and free up valuable characters for customer conversion. Most importantly, they enable you to see how customers are interacting and engaging with your content, providing valuable data for subsequent activities.

Get started today

Talk to MessageMedia today about integrating SMS with your marketing automation system, and utilising our short trackable links feature.

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