Patient engagement in healthcare: Leveraging SMS and adapting to the new normal

The rise of mHealth (mobile assisted health technologies) has accelerated thanks to the global pandemic. Healthcare providers are looking for new ways to engage with patients under these new, challenging circumstances. 

Come along with healthcare specialist Gabriel Beuhler as he shares key insights on: 

  • The new patient demands and how to meet them  
  • How to navigate these new demands while maintaining compliance 
  • How healthcare providers can start adapting now 
  • Why SMS as a technology and communication tool can deliver effective patient engagement 
  • How to integrate text messaging into your healthcare platform or practice management system – whether via our Epic MyChart integration or other seamless connector technology 

Our top three takeaways: 

  1. Healthcare practitioners and providers who embrace the new ‘digital’ normal will not only be ahead of the curve but will shape the future of healthcare in the way they want. 
  1. Consumers are demanding contactless engagement – this is an essential part of the new normal. SMS is one of the easiest technologies to help you facilitate this. 
  1. Pick technologies that are easy to set up. With SMS, you can have it up and running within 3-5 days, the technology is familiar to most and will be easy to simply plug-in and improve your end-to-end patient journey. 

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