SMS for
IT notifications

Keep everyone informed on the status of critical IT services, issues and updates when you stay in touch with text messaging

IT notifications pill

Fast, reliable notifications

Deliver time-critical alerts such as unplanned service outages and updates

Automated alerts

Connect to your technology stack to automate incident alerts and notifications

Boost data security

Deliver one-time passcodes for on-demand authentications such as 2FA

How using SMS for IT notifications can benefit your business

Keep your staff and clients informed with fast and convenient messages that improve your everyday communications, quality of service and your responsiveness to unexpected issues.

IT Notifications
  • Information technology and services

    Keep your team and clients informed on upcoming software releases and planned maintenance outages, as well as notify critical personnel when unplanned outages occur.

  • Financial services

    Minimise downtime when an unplanned outage occurs by integrating and automating IT notifications to rapidly mobilise your IT workforce to get you back up and running.

  • Healthcare

    Protect valuable patient and clinic data through 2FA notifications and fast IT notifications to improve your responsiveness and get systems back online faster.

  • Call centres

    Reduce downtime to support more customers with fast SMS alerts for service outages and create automated workflows that utilise 2FA for authentication to get faster resolutions for customers.