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Salesforce integration improves customer support focus with fast SMS sends

Positive Lending Solutions (PLS) is an Australian finance broker focused on finding the best solutions for clients in the areas of vehicular asset finance. Most of PLS’s clients are looking to purchase a car, boat, motorcycle, RV, or truck for either residential or commercial reasons.

Challenge of supporting lending clients

PLS was looking for an SMS provider solution that would integrate into their Salesforce CRM while also decreasing the time it took their frontline workers to send a text message after a support call.

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While there were many providers PLS encountered, they settled on MessageMedia’s Mercury SMS application due to its on-shore operations, superior level of service, and our ability to deliver faster SMS sends.


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Supreme level of SMS integration

For PLS, Mercury SMS has helped decrease the time staff spends sending follow-up text messages because the integration offers users the ability to build automated SMS sends directly into their support workflows.

According to representatives at PLS, the interface also proved a step up from their previous text message provider due to the addition of multiple folders to improve navigation of the 400 templates they’ve built in Salesforce prior to coming on board with Mercury SMS.

Text messaging delivers 733% faster sends and is committed on refocusing on client needs

The most notable improvement for PLS has been how much faster they’ve been able to work.

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After front-line staff finish up a phone call, they usually follow up with a text message. According to their results, they’ve managed to cut down follow-up SMS sends from 22 seconds down to just 3 seconds – a whopping 733% improvement.

When we spread this out over a common day of 100 phone calls, it’s a drastic improvement in time given back to our staff to allow them to focus on our clients more.

Positive Lending Solutions representative

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