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Event reminder SMS boosts attendance rates for cancer charity

Camp Quality is a non-profit that delivers innovative programs and services to support kids between 0 – 13 years old and diagnosed with cancer. They believe every child impacted by cancer should have every opportunity to thrive. By helping them do so, they believe it will strengthen their well-being throughout their difficult diagnosis and progress and help support their families through it.

Integration of tools for non-profits

Using the Salesforce CRM to coordinate their communications, Camp Quality looked for an SMS service that would integrate seamlessly. They wanted to cut down on time spent manually exporting data to their existing SMS suppliers.

They considered other competitors but settled on MessageMedia’s Salesforce integration Mercury SMS due to its excellent value, generous non-profit discount, and because it had all of the integration functionality they needed.

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Text messaging increases event engagement and attendance

The Mercury SMS integration has enabled Camp Quality to boost the attendance rates at their many non-profit events through SMS invites and reminders to participants.

Sending text messages has also increased efficiencies across the board, with minimal additional work for staff. Employees need only type one message which is sent near-instantly to any large group of people through Salesforce.

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Because Camp Quality can operate entirely from Salesforce CRM, they save time that would otherwise be lost manually exporting lists.

SMS delivers for beneficiaries and charity

Camp Quality is very happy with the results, as they have increased attendance rates at all of their events. This has meant a more effective use of resources by reducing numbers with vendors and by managing people on waitlists to events.

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They have also just implemented an automated volunteer SMS reminder system which they hope will have a similar positive impact on the attendance of volunteers to events.

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