Real estate texting service captures more sales for property marketing agency

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4 min read | July 7, 2021

Three Sixty Property Group (Three Sixty) is Australia’s leading residential development sales and marketing agency. With over 30 years in the game, Three Sixty has helped numerous property developers, groups and agencies to sell more than 30,000 residential properties during its tenure.

The company works with MessageMedia to access its knowledge and understanding of the CRM System, the AppExchange and the platform. MessageMedia supports SMS messaging through Salesforce with its application, Mercury SMS.

Why digital marketing for real estate agents is challenging

Real estate marketing is not simple. Today’s digital landscape does not necessarily make it any easier with a vast range of communication channels available and the increasing incidence of clients unwilling to provide contact information.

Clients and prospects want to be informed about our new projects in leading Australian cities, but to date we have not ensured we capture the most suitable communication channel for them, so we can send information in line with their expectations.

Faisal Akhter, Customer Relationship Manager, Three Sixty

Faisal Akhter, Customer Relationship Manager at Three Sixty, said that in recent times it was proving more difficult to effectively contact clients, as including contact details, such as a mobile number, was not a mandatory field on expression of interest forms.

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Salesforce SMS integration engages clients more effectively

Three Sixty found that although most clients said they preferred email as the initial point of contact, very few responded to the emails sent by the company.

There is a fine line between keeping in touch with clients and prospects, and annoying them with too much contact. A customer relationship management solution is key to getting this right, and multiple integrated communication channels give you the greatest flexibility.

Faisal Akhter, Customer Relationship Manager, Three Sixty

Mercury SMS has all the tools sales agents need to communicate with their clients via SMS directly from the CRM system.

Send SMS in Salesforce.

Try Mercury SMS and get set up within 30 minutes.

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It provides the Three Sixty sales team with the ability to send individual or bulk SMS messages to lead and contact records, in addition to several other benefits:

  • Outbound messages can be constructed on an ad-hoc basis or selected from a previously created template library
  • Field value merging is supported, allowing SMS messages to be personalized quickly and easily
  • Sending SMS messages via workflow is also supported
  • Messages can be sent to one recipient, all contacts, or by a specific reference point, for example, all sales managers
  • Messages can be scheduled to be sent on a specific date or time, or sent immediately

Text messaging delivers high response rates and increased sales activity

Akhter said Three Sixty has received an “unbelievable number of additional inquiries” since they started using Mercury SMS.

Mercury SMS has been a great application for the business, helping their business provide an effective communication channel for clients and prospects. They find it works best when used to invite clients to open for inspections, special events and project launches.

We get much higher response rates for SMS compared with email, and Mercury SMS integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.

Faisal Akhter, Customer Relationship Manager, Three Sixty

The Mercury SMS application, according to Akhter, streamlines all their text message communications and keeps them together in one place for improved client management and greater visibility. Any user can download the app from Salesforce’s AppExchange can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes.

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In the future, thanks to an “overwhelming response to our SMS campaigns“, Akhter plans to expand their marketing campaigns to include a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) as well.

6 Tips for Salesforce Business Texting.

Getting started with business texting doesn’t need to be complicated. Leverage the power of SMS in Salesforce with our 6 tips.

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