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+60 BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) of the best SMS marketing examples and templates

If you’re under pressure to increase sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM), you’ve come to the right place. Our recent blog post covered an 11-point BFCM checklist for getting the most out of your mobile strategy. 

Given its popularity, we’re sharing 60 top-performing SMS templates that you can use in your BFCM marketing campaigns this holiday season to achieve better results. So check them out, and please let us know if we’re missing any. 


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Black Friday Cyber Monday SMS templates

BFCM sale teasers

First, build hype for your BFCM campaign with teaser broadcasts to ramp up excitement and hype. Send these 1 – 2 months beforehand. 

BFCM teaser SMS alert template

TEMPLATE: [NAME], there’s something special launching soon…. here’s a sneak peek! Reply STOP to opt out 

Use an MMS or image here to grab attention. 

TEMPLATE: We’re pumped about Black Friday & Cyber Monday this year. Want to know why? Check it out: [URL] Reply STOP to opt out

Send customers to an image, downloadable or landing page with teaser imagery or a taste of what will be on offer. 

TEMPLATE: Get excited! Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals are going to be MASSIVE this year. We can’t tell you yet – except for this: [URL] Reply STOP to opt out 

BFCM member deals/alerts sign up

Does your brand have a VIP or members club? Black Friday Cyber Monday deals are an excellent way to get customers to sign up. If not, get customers to sign up to get alerted with deals that are on. Not only does this help drive them back to your brand when the time is right, but it also demonstrates their loyalty and interest in you.  

NOTE: For compliance reasons, you cannot message customers without getting their consent first. Put up signs in your store or through other channels, getting customers to text in or have them sign up elsewhere, such as your website for text promotions.  

BFCM member alert deals sign up SMS template

TEMPLATE: Sign up to our member’s list and get early access to our Black Friday sales, secret discounts, and an exclusive members-only gift code. Want in? Sign up today: [URL] 

In this example, the brand has already acquired consent to send marketing or promotional messages and is asking for a further sign up to their member’s club. Also, note the members-only gift and additional discounts – add extra incentives to get customers to sign up. And don’t forget to add a thank you – see below!  

(1) Get early access to our Black Friday Cyber Monday sales when you sign up to our VIP members club. Are you in, [NAME]? Text Y or STOP to opt-out. 
(2) (If Y) You’re in, [NAME]! See how easy that was. Stay tuned for our next sale. You’re top of our list! – [COMPANY])

Enable 2-way messaging and build automations to streamline sign-ups and replies. 

TEMPLATE: Thanks for signing up! You’re now a [COMPANY] VIP. Stay tuned for the latest discounts and offerings.  

Add as an automatic reply to #5 with automation. 

TEMPLATE: Hey [NAME], BFCM is going to be bigger than ever this year – and you’ll know about it first! We’re giving VIPs special treatment this year. Can’t wait to share it with you. – [COMPANY] team 

Don’t just focus on acquiring new sign-ups! Keep your brand advocates from last year coming back with a reminder message and a reward. 

TEMPLATE: Thanks for signing up for our Black Friday sales alerts! We’ll send you a reminder on 27/11 so you won’t miss out. Got any questions? Reply here or text STOP to opt-out. 

Two-way messaging enabled here, so if customers have questions before the big day, they can ask directly rather than using another channel. An easy alternative to online customer support! 

Customer engagement

Depending on when you launch your campaign, there may be a few weeks or months where you’ll want to be keeping customers engaged with your brand with non-promotional messaging. Here are some ideas: 

BFCM customer engagement SMS example

TEMPLATE: Unsure what to get for your family these holidays? Take our [COMPANY] quiz to find out what gifts your brother, sister, mum and dad will like best: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

A lot of shoppers need guidance. Draft easy or quick quizzes to help customers pick out the best gifts. This is fun for customers and gives you easy customer research. 

TEMPLATE: Enter our Black Friday competition! Skip the rush for a chance to. Win $1000 gift card plus a curated capsule collection. Enter here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Put together a pre-sales competition and announce the winner after the BFCM weekend. 

TEMPLATE: Did you enjoy our autumnal scents? Scent-ilate this winter by learning how to pick the right perfume for you: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Pushing a certain product or line where customers might need more guidance? Help customers personalize their picks by giving them the information they need beforehand. 

TEMPLATE: Do you want to look the best you can for summer? Maybe it’s time to start building a home gym. Learn how to make it easy with our handy guide: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Think about customer aspirations and emotions and tie them to your products. If they’re into DIY or renovation, is it connected to building their first real home as a family? If someone is looking into professional development, is it because they want to see themselves succeed or impress their parents? 

BFCM early access to deals

For customers who signed up for early access, or when you send text broadcasts to customers, surprising them with early access to your sale. Early access can be 1 day or 1 week early. 

BFCM early access to deals SMS template

TEMPLATE: Thank you for being a loyal fan of [COMPANY] for over [NUMBER] years, [NAME]! Here’s our gift to you – EARLY ACCESS to our craziest BFCM sale yet. Start shopping now: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Note the personalization here. Add in as many custom parameters or customer data points that you know to make your messaging stand out and drive relationships, not one-time purchases. 

TEMPLATE: REMINDER: Our BFCM deals start tomorrow but..not for you!. We’re giving you EARLY ACCESS! Use code: [CODE] and start shopping: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

For customers who signed up to alerts, surprise and delight them! This will go a long way in establishing the right, positive relationship with them right off the bat. 

TEMPLATE: Keep this on the D/L. You’re getting access to our Black Friday Cyber Monday a week early! Get [DISCOUNT] off our entire [PRODUCT LINE]. [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Use texting colloquialisms and affectations such as emojis to lighten the tone and humanize your comms. 

TEMPLATE: Our BIGGEST BFCM deals are about to launch – and you’re getting FIRST access: [URL] Get it now before it’s all sold out! Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Emphasize exclusivity in the copy in these scenarios. 


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BFCM marketing and promotions

Using SMS for marketing is an effective way to up your sales and interest in the lead up to Black Friday Cyber Monday.

BFCM marketing promotional SMS template

TEMPLATE: Our biggest BFCM is finally here! Get EPIC deals on all of your favorite [COMPANY] products right here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Black Friday Deals: Get $30 off $100 purchases in-store and so much more! Check it out: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: [COMPANY] here! Get [DISCOUNT]% off all purchases online. Only on [DATE]. [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Discounts can change depending on the value and frequency with which the customer shops with you. Advanced segmentation can help you discern when a customer is worth chasing for a purchase. 

TEMPLATE: Hi [NAME] – we’ve got Black Friday Cyber Monday deals you can buy online and pick up in-store! Check it out: [URL] or come in-store. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Customers expect blended retail options. If you’ve got multiple delivery services, put them front and center in your messaging. 

TEMPLATE: Want the best BFCM deals? They’re here. Get your [DISCOUNT]% coupon here: [URL] and start shopping. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Use QR codes or integrate a coupon tool into your text messaging to create individual coupons per customer. 

TEMPLATE: Our Cyber Monday deals are now ON! Get in quick for 20 – 65% off all items: [URL] When inventory runs out, that’s it! Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Don’t miss out on these SMASHING holiday deals! We’ve got BFCM discounts going up to 75% off across [LINE 1], [LINE 2], [LINE 3]. Don’t miss it: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Have multiple lines or only specific products you’re doing BFCM deals on? That’s normal too but make sure customers are clear on what and when. 

TEMPLATE: Huzzah it’s Black Friday! Get 50% off our entire store now: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Hi [NAME], take a breather from BFCM shopping and come in and grab a [Product]! We’re doing 2for1 deals all day. Find your nearest store: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

For services or hospitality businesses wanting to partake in BFCM but unsure what to do. You can definitely participate too! 

TEMPLATE: All weekend long, get over [DISCOUNT]% off our entire new arrivals range! This weekend only. [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Customers love fresh and new so create some excitement about deals on your new arrivals range.  

TEMPLATE: Get [DISCOUNT]% off our store, plus even more surprise deals all weekend! Check it out now: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Sometimes it’s not enough to just have a discount anymore. Ensure you include the tease of even more surprises. 

TEMPLATE: Want HUGE savings? Don’t miss out on our Black Friday Cyber Monday deals. Shop now: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Don’t miss our Black Friday specials this weekend! Get a free [PRODUCT] when you purchase today: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Discounts aren’t the only way to go. Can you include a free product, a limited edition of a current product, or a new line that you’re releasing in parallel with Black Friday? 

TEMPLATE: We’re just GIVING it away this BFCM weekend! Claim your free [SERVICE] when you book in. Call us now: [PHONE NUMBER] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

The trigger action doesn’t always have to be a purchase. For service businesses, it might be attracting loyalty after a free introductory service to the business or an experience.  

TEMPLATE: Does your wardrobe need a refresh? Restyle yourself for summer with our [DISCOUNT]% off all collections this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check it out: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: BFCM DEALS: We’ve got 20% off [PRODUCT 1], 30% off [PRODUCT 2] and a whopping 55% off [PRODUCT 3]. This weekend ONLY. Get it now or miss out: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Got popular products with significant discounts? Make them the centerpiece of your messaging if you know they’ll draw in customers. 

TEMPLATE: Get onto our Black Friday Cyber Monday specials! Join [COMPANY] now and get 2x [SERVICE] services for free. Call us: [PHONE NUMBER] or book in online: [URL]  Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Upgrade the man cave! Get the best deals on electronics with our Black Friday slash deals: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Electronics are popular sales during BFCM. Remember that it’s not always the customer buying for themselves but a customer purchasing for others.  

TEMPLATE: Black Friday Deal: Get that bag she always wanted! We’ve slashed prices on all our designer brands until [DATE]. Check it out: [URL] Reply STOP to opt out. 

TEMPLATE: Buy 2 [PRODUCT] get 3! Use CODE: BUNDLEOFF Our BFCM specials are wild this year. Check them out [URL] 

Think outside the discount box – can you do other kinds of specials? 

TEMPLATE: Hey [NAME], we know you’ve been eyeing that [PRODUCT] for a while. Go ahead, treat yourself – it’s half off with CODE: [CODE] [URL] Text STOP to opt-out. 

When a customer is buying for themselves, and you know it – can you send them a more personalized message about a product that’s been sitting in their wish lists or cart for a while? 

TEMPLATE: BFCM SPECIAL: Stay cool this summer with the latest [PRODUCT]! You can’t say no when prices are this LOW: [URL] Text STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Stumped what to buy the kids? We’ve got you covered w/ BFCM deals: our most popular kids favorites are now 80% off. That’s right – 80%! Get in quick: [URL] 

TEMPLATE: Get all of your holiday shopping done NOW with our BFCM specials! Use code: NOW60[URL] 

TEMPLATE: Flash Sale!!! For the next two hours, get an additional 40% off when you purchase from our online store. Shop now: [URL] 

Flash sales within a larger sale are always a hit with heavily invested customers in the BFCM rush. Draw their attention back to your brand with additional purchases through a flash sale! 

TEMPLATE: Enjoy INSANE deals and secure shopping when you shop Black Friday with [COMPANY]! See what we’ve got in store: [URL] 

Reinforcing that purchases will have additional security, especially as more and more scams are appearing online, can positively impact a customer’s decision to buy with you. 

TEMPLATE: Hey [NAME]! You’ve just landed for yourself an extra 15% off all Black Friday SALES items for the next two hours! Lucky you. Get yours: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out 

BFCM Abandoned cart win backs

One of the most powerful uses of text message marketing during BFCM will be to draw back 70% of customers to their abandoned carts.  

BFCM abandoned cart SMS template

TEMPLATE: Hi [NAME], you’ve left something in your [COMPANY] cart. Finish purchase now: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Oops! There’s still something in your cart left. [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out 

You’re interrupting customers from other distractions or purchases, so make sure you use a friendly tone when sending win-back messaging. 

TEMPLATE: We’ve reserved the items you’ve left in your cart! Did you still want them? Limited stock left so grab them now: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Use psychological urgency (limited stock) to bring customers back faster. 

TEMPLATE: There’s still something in your cart! Get an extra 10% off when you use code: IWANT10 [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Add an extra incentive with an even bigger discount. 

TEMPLATE: Did you forget something in your cart? Hurry and get an extra 15% off if you buy within the next 20 minutes: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Combine an extra discount with time-urgency for the most powerful win-back. 

TEMPLATE: Whoops – you left some items behind. Not to worry, distractions happen! Get a further 10% off your abandoned cart: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Hey [NAME], you didn’t finish your order! If you act now, we’ll throw in a [PRODUCT] with your purchases. Can’t say no to that? [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Thank you for shopping with us

Adding automated thank yous after purchases or after the sales are finished will go a long way to ingratiate you with your customer. Most customers expect some acknowledgment these days, so ensure you have one ready to go. 

Thank you SMS template for BFCM

TEMPLATE: Thanks for coming on by this BFCM! Enjoy your purchases and hope to see you again soon. Text STOP to opt-out. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Thank you for your purchase! We hope you enjoy your new [LINE] products. ~ The [COMPANY] team Text STOP to opt-out. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Thanks for supporting [COMPANY] this Black Friday and Cyber Monday! If you want to get an alert for our next sale, reply Y or sign up here: [URL] Text STOP to opt-out. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Use this opportunity to get customers to sign up to your text or mailing subscription lists. BFCM, after all, is only the start of the holiday season. 

BFCM sale extensions

Did you think the end of Cyber Monday was it for BFCM? Not at all. An emergent trend for many retailers is to extend their BFCM sales at least until the end of the new week. This means more sales and more happy customers. 

BFCM sale extension SMS template

TEMPLATE: Surprise! We just added EVEN MORE Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to our online store. See them now: [URL] Ends [DATE] Text STOP to opt-out. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: Guess what? We’re extending our Black Friday sale until [DATE]. Get them here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: As one of our most valued customers, we’re extending our sales until [DATE]. Use code: [CODE] and keep shopping: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

While most businesses will extend sales out for another day or hour for ALL customers, you could also boost your sales for your VIP club members. This gives your extension a little exclusivity but also encourages non-members to sign up. 

TEMPLATE: Just for you, [NAME], we’re making an exception! Get our Black Friday sales for just one more day… Use code: [CODE]  [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Make it personal within your copy and with an individualized discount code. This will help customers feel even more valued. 

Drive BFCM feedback

We recognize the importance of synchronous communications, inviting customers in to give feedback and participate in improving and enhancing our customer experience and products.

BFCM, like every other sales date, is a fantastic opportunity to do this. Not only will it give you free insight into your business from the customer’s perspective, but it will also help promote the business and invite customers to invest in you emotionally. 

BFCM feedback SMS template

TEMPLATE: Did you enjoy your purchase experience with us during BFCM? We’d love to hear your feedback: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

You could send them to a specific testimonial page for online reviews or an internal Typeform survey they can fill out within a few minutes. Collate and collect this information and make sure that you use it to promote your products and services. 

TEMPLATE: As a valued customer, your feedback means a lot to us. Please rate your experience between 1 (poor) and 10 (fantastic). Thank you! Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Customers are lazy, and the drop-off for click-throughs is high when feedback is requested. Make it easy by enabling 2-way messaging so that customers can quickly reply with their thoughts. 

TEMPLATE: Hi [NAME], thanks for your purchase! If you can, please take 1 minute to leave us a Google review. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

TEMPLATE: [NAME], we appreciate your support! Go into the draw to win [PRODUCT] when you leave us a review here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Add a competition or bundle win for extra incentive. 


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Final thoughts, further reading

Whatever stage you’re currently in, you can get a text message marketing strategy up in a couple of hours.

With these ready-made text templates to help you out, it should make it even easier. Make sure to talk to one of our experts if you have any questions and get started with one of our low-cost plans for your business today. 

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