SMS marketing is a win for Blue Rock – and its clients.

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4 min read | February 10, 2023

Blue Rock is an entrepreneurial advisory firm that’s listed amongst Australia’s top 100 fastest-growing companies by the Australian Financial Review. It takes a holistic, multifaceted approach to solving small and medium business challenges and improving operations.

This includes everything from accounting, finance and business advisory services to digital, insurance, wealth and legal support for both the company and the owner. While its HQ is in Melbourne, the team works with clients across Australia and New Zealand, with offices in Christchurch and Perth. 

According to Ryan Kagan, Director of Digital at Blue Rock, “With all of our services and functions under the one roof, we can drive absolute clarity and connection from the top of the funnel all the way to the bottom line.”

The digital team delivers a core part of its service. The team offers expertise in customer experience, brand and acquisition, and business systems and consulting, which seeks out best-of-breed technologies that add incremental value to the customer life cycle – like MessageMedia.

The challenge.

To continue offering clients the best service, Blue Rock works hard to uncover and test all the business technologies on the market. Ryan explains it’s about putting the customer first and engineering the best pathways for scale and conversion.

“We’ve tried and tested so many technologies, it’s not funny,” laughs Ryan. “Given the space we play in, we’re always looking for best-of-breed across all channels.”

It knew that clients needed an SMS solution – Ryan knows it’s “one of the best ways to drive response and connection.” But while the team had tested several platforms, nothing was quite what it was looking for.

“We needed a solution that could be better integrated and drive a best-in-class experience,” says Ryan.

The solution.

It wasn’t long before Blue Rock landed on MessageMedia. Ryan says the platform stood out for its quality and capacity for deep integrations.

We’ve used various SMS tools in the past. Most lacked the deep integration to the back end and marketing systems to drive that integrated approach.

Ryan says the best results come when SMS creates personalised messaging, driving deeper engagement and conversation.

MessageMedia allows you to do just that. The platform is incredibly powerful because it’s not just doing cart abandonment or campaign marketing. It also does B2B messaging, customer NPS and feedback and even employee engagement exceptionally well.

  MessageMedia’s ease of use was also a selling point for Ryan. 

The team thinks it’s simple, so easy and intuitive, and complementary to our approach.

The results.

While it’s early days, Blue Rock is already seeing fantastic results for some of its clients.  

“Our partnership with MessageMedia has been operationally very fruitful. We already have feedback from clients, and they’re very happy,” says Ryan

According to Michael Button, CEO of one of Blue Rock’s major clients, House of Golf, SMS with MessageMedia is “seamless.” 

A multi-site retail business based in Melbourne, House of Golf uses SMS to connect with customers in real-time. The company can now update customers on their orders, automatically push HubSpot customers into MessageMedia and easily send out SMS promotions. 

In his role as CEO, Michael says this gives the business a competitive advantage, especially during key sales periods. And they’ve been making good use of the platform, sending over 20,000 SMS a month. 

It’s not just the platform delivering beyond expectation – Ryan says he can trust the MessageMedia team with Blue Rock customers.

“The team is exceptional – very supportive and proactive”, says Ryan. “They’ve worked to minimise any disruption or barriers so we can get started.”

What’s next?

This is just the start for the two companies, and Ryan expects even more clients will soon be reaping the benefits of their collaborative approach.

Blue Rock and MessageMedia are bringing the best of each domain to the table to drive a great outcome and solution.

Use SMS to improve your client’s marketing and customer support – and your business along with it. To talk about building MessageMedia into your service offering, get in touch.

Ready to roll?

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