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100+ COVID-19 SMS templates (re-opening, easing restrictions, contact tracing plus more)

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Templates & examples 25 min read | Sinch Messagemedia wrote in blog on February 9, 2021

UPDATED: February 2021

As the requirements and opportunities for businesses to re-open change by region, state and country, we wanted to share a simple guide that you can use for any stage of your COVID response plan.

Here’s our top SMS templates for COVID:

We’ve looked at the top use cases for each industry during COVID and have 100+ SMS templates across numerous industries to help you out during this tough time. Make sure to check back as we will continually build and add to it as recovering to the pandemic progresses.

If you know of a common use case that doesn’t appear here, let us know and we can add it to the library!

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Contact tracing

Automated SMS workflows are helpful to enable easy contact tracing and access management. Read more about how SMS-based contact tracing works here.

TEMPLATE: Automated Workflow
1. Hi [NAME], before you arrive at [COMPANY] today, you are now required to text this number when you enter or exit our site. Please ensure you always maintain social distancing and adhere to gov guidelines: [URL] Please confirm acceptance by replying: [KEYWORD]
2. Thank you. Please text [IN] when entering the site and [OUT] when exiting the site.
3. Your entry is approved. Stay safe and remember to text when leaving.
4. Thank you for helping us maintain the safety of all at [COMPANY].

This could be useful for:

  • Construction (contractors and employees)
  • Retail/Hospo curb-side delivery and pick-ups
  • Aged Care (contractors and employees)
  • Government and local councils
  • Medical clinics and hospitals
  • Salons and beauty businesses
  • Essential businesses

Want to get started with SMS contact tracing workflows? Talk to our team and find out how easy and fast it is to get set up today.


  • Alert patrons to emergency changes

Hi there [NAME], as of [DATE] our business will not be in operation due to new COVID restrictions. You can still make orders through our website for delivery or curb-side pick-up. For more information: [URL] Thank you. Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Notify staff about re-openings, changes to business and access

TEMPLATE:SMS (2-way SMS enabled)
(1) Hi [NAME], With COVID-19 restrictions easing as of [DATE], [COMPANY] will be re-opening on a restricted basis. Please familiarise yourself with operational changes: [URL]
(2) If you have any question, reply Y to this message and we will contact you. Thanks. Reply STOP to opt-out

  • New guidelines for entering/exiting store

As of tomorrow, there are new guidelines for entering [COMPANY] store in [LOCATION]. Only 5 people inside at a time, and your details need to be taken for contact tracing. For more information: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • Promotion of ecommerce site

Hi [NAME], we’re having a 20% sale on our site + free shipping till Wednesday. Check us out: [URL] . Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Curb-side pick-up or Click & Collect offering

TEMPLATE:SMS (Automated/Software Integration)
Your [ITEM] will be ready for contactless collection on [DATE] at [TIME]! Text: [PHONE NUMBER] plus your licence when you’ve arrived and we’ll load it into your car. Reply STOP to opt-out

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  • Access management pre-warning 

[NAME], movement between sites for all visitors, employees and contractors have been limited for critical or urgent reasons in order to reduce community transmission. Please talk to your supervisor if you require access. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Office re-openings notification 

Hi [NAME], we are delighted to announce that [OFFICES] are reopening. Please speak to your manager for more detail, including our transitioning plan for a return to office. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Site reopening notification 

As of [DATE], we will be reopening our sites and you will be able to return to work. Ensure you speak to your supervisor beforehand, and check your new timetable here: [URL]  Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • New COVID guidelines 

Hi [FIRST NAME], To ensure a COVID safe workplace as we return to work, please read and adhere to our new guidelines and practises for [SITE]: [URL] Any questions, please refer them to your direct supervisor or speak to a COVID Safe team member. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Roster/scheduling changes (2-way messaging) 

TEMPLATE:SMS (2-way messaging required and automations)
(1) Hi [FIRST NAME], due to a possible infection at [SITE] in [ZONE], we have had to make immediate changes to your current roster: [URL] Any availability issues, please speak with your supervisor or reply here. Reply STOP to opt-out. 
(2) (Reply) I am unavailable to work the night of Thursday the 16th.
(3)  We have referred this issue to your supervisor and will send you an amended timetable when ready. You may expect a call from them to confirm a new timing. Thanks [FIRST NAME]. 

  • Mask and PPE reminders 

REMINDER: Due to a few infractions last week, we want to remind all employees that wearing protective equipment, including masks, is essential to ensuring a COVID Safe workplace. If you do not, this may result in the closure of our facility again. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Contact tracing alert

ALERT: New COVID contact tracing measures will begin tomorrow including temperature checks. Please ensure that you review these before arriving for your next shift: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Avoid crowding reminder

REMINDER: When attending your workstation or if using communal facilities, please remember to avoid crowding where you can. Social distancing must be maintained at all times. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • New shipping/receiving practises 

ALERT: When receiving or shipping goods from our facility, new hygiene practises and safety protocols are to be used. Your supervisor will run these through with you but please read over our new guidelines here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Temperature testing required before entry

Please be aware that from [DATE], all workers will now go through temperature testing before entering any worksite. No exceptions. If you are feeling ill, or have any COVID symptoms, please stay at home. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Emergency contact tracing/self-isolation measures 

TEMPLATE:SMS (automation, 2-way messaging required)
(1) Hi [NAME], Your colleague [NAME] has exhibited symptoms of a possible COVID infection. As you have been in close contact, please return home, call [NUMBER] for a COVID test and begin self-isolation immediately. Text HOME when you arrive.  
(2) (reply) HOME 
(3) Thanks [NAME]. Please fill out this report: [URL] on your movements and those you have had close contact with for the past week.  

  • Special disinfection procedures 

[NAME], your workstation now requires special disinfection procedures before and after each shift. Make sure you leave enough time to follow new cleaning practises in order to ensure a COVID Safe space. To review these guidelines: [URL] Thank you.  Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • New penalties and disciplinary action for breaking of COVID rules

[NAME], please be aware that disciplinary action will be taken for knowing, wilful or reckless behaviour that contravenes COVID safe guidelines. Breaking simple rules may endanger lives of our staff and result in the closure of our facility again. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Do not come into work if sick reminder

REMINDER: If you are feeling ill or showing any signs or symptoms of a possible COVID infection, please do not come into work. Notify your supervisor immediately and fill out our COVID questionnaire: [URL] Text COVID for a list of possible symptoms. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Alert to COVID infection/zone avoidance

ALERT: [ZONE] in [SITE] has been closed due to a possible infection. Special cleaning and disinfection is being carried out. Please avoid area. If you have any concerns, please speak with your supervisor. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Alert to supplier delays 

Due to COVID, there may be intermittent supply issues which may affect resource allocation and work schedules. Please talk to your supervisor or speak to our COVID team at: [PHONE NUMBER] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Contractor hygiene practises 

REMINDER: Please clean all equipment, including your [EQUIPMENT], at the start and end of your shift. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Contractor/Out-of-office worker PPE reminder

REMINDER: Wearing the correct PPE at all times is essential to carrying out our service. Let’s keep customers safe by following COVID safe practises together. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Guidelines for permissive access management

TEMPLATE:SMS (2-way SMS and automations required)
Hi [NAME], you have been granted permission to move between [SITE A] and [SITE B] on [DATE]. Please be aware that you will need to adhere to zoning protocols and temperature checks before entering and exiting a site. Please confirm receipt of this msg: Y or N. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Screening questionnaire reminder

TEMPLATE:SMS (2-way SMS and automations required)
(1) Hi [NAME], please complete your screening questionnaire before entering next site: [URL] Text Y when completed. Reply STOP to opt-out. 
(2) (reply)Y 
(3) Thanks for completing your questionnaire. You may now enter the next site. 

  • Staggered shifts and scheduled break times 

Hi [NAME], in order to ensure a COVID safe space as we re-open, we are now facilitating staggered shifts and scheduled breaks to avoid overcrowding and to maintain safe distances. Please see your new roster: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Entry point limited

TEMPLATE:SMS (2-way SMS and automations required)
Hi there, when visiting [OFFICE] today please use Entry Point B today when entering our site. Please confirm receipt of this text by replying Y. Thank you. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Social distancing reminder 

REMINDER: Please remember to maintain social distance at all times including when at your workstations. Please sit in your designated areas and look for floor markings. Thanks. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Return to office plan  

Hi [NAME], with the recent announcement of return to work, we want you to be aware of what the transition will look like for you and how it will affect your work. To review our plan [URL] For any concerns, please contact HR. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • COVID Safe training

[NAME], before you return to work on [DATE], please complete training on physical distancing requirements while working and socialising. To do training, please check your emails or click here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Contractor sign-in

TEMPLATE:SMS (2-way messaging and automation required)
Hi there, you are booked into visit [SITE] tomorrow. Please sign-in here before entering: [URL] or text ENTER. Please use the same link when leaving, or text EXIT before exiting. Thanks.  


  • Re-opening your restaurant, cafe, bar, pub or other food/drink venue

We are opening for dine-in from [DATE] & will take bookings of 5 or less. Visit: [URL] or call [PHONE NUMBER] for menu, orders and bookings. Thank you. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • Alert and manage patrons on contact tracing

Thanks for booking with [COMPANY], [NAME]! We look forward to seeing you [DATE] at [TIME]. To dine at our restaurant, you must comply with new contact tracing guidelines. For more info: [URL] Any questions call: [PHONE NUMBER] Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Takeaway options – text in your order

TEMPLATE:SMS (req. 2-way messaging, dedicated number)
Hi [NAME], we’re still doing takeaway Wed – Sun! Call or text this number with your order. Check out our menu: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Promotional SMS for slow days/weeks

Hi there, 20% off our entire menu this Tuesday! Pick your delivery time window when you book. Get your orders in here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • Market your venue/special packages before events/occasions

Hi [NAME], [EVENT] is just around the corner! Make sure you book our [PACKAGE] package in time for the big day. Book before [DATE] & get 20% off. Use code: [CODE] [URL Reply STOP to opt-out

RELATED: Many hospitality businesses are suffering from customer slow-down. Use holidays and special occasions and the like to revive interest. Download our FREE ecommerce marketing calendar to start planning now.

  • Alert customers that more outdoor seating is now available

Hey [NAME], sorry you missed out on your booking with us last week. More outdoor seating is now available! Book here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Promote supporting your local businesses/hospitality venues

Please support your local restaurants! Order from us this week and we’ll throw in free delivery within 5km See our menu and book here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Restricted opening hours

Hi [NAME], due to changing COVID restrictions, [VENUE] will only be operating Thur – Sat from 12 – 5PM from now on. We will keep you updated if this changes. Thanks! Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • New guidelines for re-opening

Hi [NAME], due to changing COVID19 restrictions, please follow new guidelines for booking and entering our restaurant. For more info: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out

TOP TIP: Consider following up bookings with a text for access flow from our ‘Contractor access management’ example above so that you don’t have patrons walking straight in off the street. 

Gyms & Fitness

  • Gym/studio reopening announcement – before opening

Hi [NAME], we’re excited to say that we will be re-opening on [DATE]! To celebrate, all socially distant classes during our first week will be free. Start booking in now: [URL] 

  • Continuing virtual training 

[NAME], unsure if you’re ready to re-join just yet? Good news – we’ll be continuing virtual classes for the unforeseen future! Book in now: [URL] 

  • Personal training re-opening 

[NAME], new changes to restrictions mean we’re able to restart in-person training sessions again! I’m getting booked up fast so make a time now: [URL] Looking forward to seeing you again! 

  • Gym/Studio reopening announcement – once opened

Hi [NAME], our doors are now open! We can’t wait for you to drop in. Start booking your classes here: [URL] 

  • Reduced class sizes 

Hi there, due to social distancing measures as we ease out of lockdown, please be aware that classes will be reduced in size. More classes will be added but please book in early: [URL] 

  • Stay socially distanced reminder

REMINDER: Please maintain 1.5M distance apart when using gym equipment, free weight, locker rooms, pool areas and in classes. Thank you. 

  • New cleaning precautions 

Hello [NAME], you may notice a few cleaning helpers around the equipment stations. Please allow them to disinfect and wipe down each station before your next use. Thank you! 

  • Health check reminder before coming in

TEMPLATE:SMS (2-way messaging, automation required)
Hi there [NAME], you’re booked in for [CLASS] tomorrow at [TIME]. If you are feeling unwell or have any COVID symptoms, please do not come in. Cancellation fees will be waived. Call: [PHONE NUMBER] or reply Y/N. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

  • Temperature checks – Gym/Studio 

Hi there, please be warned that a temperature check will be conducted before you are allowed into [COMPANY]. Attendees who show up without masks will also not be allowed in. Thank you. 

  • Temperature checks – Class 

Hi there, for the safety of all our students, we will be conducting temperature checks before you can enter the class. Thank you. 

  • Equipment time reservations 

Hi [NAME], due to COVID re-opening restrictions, you will need to book in time to use our equipment in 30, 60 or 90-minute blocks. Book in here: [URL] Apologies for the inconvenience. 

  • Area closures 

Due to social distancing measures, some areas of our gym will remain closed for re-opening including the locker rooms. We apologise for the inconvenience.  

  • Recommended member hygiene protocols 

Hi [NAME], we’re excited to have you back at the gym! Please remember to wash hands regularly, clean equipment with nearby disinfectant after use and cover your cough. Masks are to be worn when arriving and when leaving our establishment. Thank you. 

  • New safety precautions 

Dear [NAME], while you’ve been away we’ve been taking extra precautions to make sure your return to the gym is safe. All gym stations will be contained in Plexiglass and have sanitiser. There will also be extra masks and wipes for your use. Check out our new guidelines here: [URL] 

Hair and beauty

  • Salon or clinic reopening announcement – before opening

We’ll be back soon! [COMPANY] in [LOCATION] is now taking bookings. Get instant confirmation! Slots are going fast: [URL] Text STOP to opt-out 

  • Salon or clinic reopening announcement – after opening

We are now open! Book in for haircuts, wax or massage Mon – Sun between [TIME] and [TIME2]. See our updated service menu and book in here: [URL] Hope to see you soon! ~ The [COMPANY] team 

  • Reduced staff 

Hi [NAME], according to new restrictions around re-opening, only 4 staff members can be on at once. This may impact booking times. We apologise for the inconvenience. Book here: [URL] 

  • Advanced booking warning 

Due to reduced staff and new restrictions, we advise all customers to book in for treatments at least 2-3 weeks in advance if possible. Thank you. 

  • High value, loyal clients – target for first/priority bookings 

Hi [NAME], we’ve missed you! As one of our most loyal clients over the years, we’re giving you priority booking! That means you get first dibs on slots before anyone else. Book in here now: [URL]  

  • Virtual-only services continued 

Hi [NAME], all beauty consultations will continue to be conducted virtually to protect the safety of our staff. If you would like to book one, please click here: [URL] 

  • SMS-driven socially distant check-ins 

TEMPLATE:SMS (automation, 2-way messaging required)
Hey [NAME], when you arrive at our salon today, please check-in by replying IN to this text. Your clinician will come fetch you in the wait room. Thank you! 

  • Updated trading hours 

Hi [NAME], we want to ensure that you have the best and safest experience when you attend [COMPANY]. To do so, we have updated our trading hours. We will be open M-F at [TIME 1] to [TIME 2]. To book in, call [PHONE NUMBER]. Thanks! 

  • Confirmation reminder with new hygiene guidelines 

[NAME], your appointment has been confirmed! We look forward to seeing you [DATE] at [TIME]. Please ensure you are familiar with our new hygiene protocols before you arrive: [URL] Thank you. 

  • Booking reminders with instructions 

TEMPLATE:SMS (automations, 2-way messaging required)
Hi [NAME], we look forward to seeing you tomorrow for [TREATMENT] at [DATE TIME]. Please remember to wear a mask, use hand sanitiser when you arrive and check in by replying HERE to this text. Thank you! 

  • New safety and cleaning precautions 

Hi [NAME], please allow 10 – 15 gap between bookings so that we can properly clean and disinfect treatment areas. Thank you. 

  • Waitlist bookings

We are currently booked up for the next two weeks. If you need a booking urgently, call us at [PHONE NUMBER] or join our waitlist here: [URL]  

  • Join our member list for first booking priority 

Hi [NAME], join our members-only VIP list for service deals, exclusives and first-booking priority now. It doesn’t cost anything! Simply reply JOIN to this text or STOP to opt-out. 


  • Text subscription for automated news/change updates

TEMPLATE:Automated SMS (Text-in program)
(1) Hi [NAME], we understand that you want to stay up-to-date on local & fed changes to childcare. Reply UPDATE to opt-in to our weekly text alerts and we’ll keep you in the loop. Reply STOP to opt-out.
(2) Thanks for subscribing, [NAME]! Stay tuned for our first update soon.
(3) Hi [NAME], as of [DATE], [COMPANY] will re-open as well as other regional operators subject to lowered transmission numbers. Please call: [PHONE NUMBER] to let us know if you are bringing [CHILD NAME] back in.

TIP: Automated text alerts will save you time, money and are easy to implement. Talk to one of our support staff about getting set up now.

  • Manual emergency alerts

Due to recent COVID announcements, we’re now able to operate starting [DATE] but under new restrictions. For more information: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Additional support/changes to support/new measures

Good news! The government has announced additional childcare support measures for parents, families and carers. For more info: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • Suspicion of infection/Process for potential infection

Hi [NAME], If you suspect a child or staff member may have COVID, please let management know and follow these instructions immediately: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Closure/Extension of restrictions

Hi [NAME], due to yesterday’s announcements, [COMPANY] must continue to stay closed until the [date] pending a further drop in cases. For more information: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Reopening with new guidelines

Hi [NAME], we’re looking forward to seeing [CHILD NAME] again on the [DATE]! Please read our new guidelines for parents to follow before returning: [URL]  Reply STOP to opt-out

Real Estate

  • Physical inspections allowed

[NAME], in-person inspections will resume from [DATE]. Would you like to book one in for the home at [ADDRESS]? You expressed interest in this property earlier this year. Call to book a time: [PHONE NUMBER] 

  • Outdoor auctions gathering limits 

Outdoor auctions are allowed but with crowd limits. If you are interested in the property at [ADDRESS], please book in to secure a slot at our auction on [DATE]: [URL] 

  • New safety measures for real estate appointments and inspections 

Hi [NAME], we are taking extra steps to make all inspections are COVID-safe. Only one agent will attend and will provide masks and gloves. Temperature checks will also be conducted. To see all safety measures taken: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.  

  • Contact tracing for all appointments and auctions 

Please be aware that if you are attending an appointment or auction, your contact details are required for contact tracing purposes. These details will be lodged with the government and will not be shared with any other entity except for COVID-19 purposes. Thank you. 

  • Virtual services continuing 

Hi [NAME], we will be continuing digital services in the following areas: auction bidding, appraisals, listing appointments and document signing. If you have any queries or would like to move to an in-person service, please call: [PHONE NUMBER] 

  • Open home attendee caps 

Only [NUMBER] people can attend a staged open home at any one time. If you are looking to attend [ADDRESS] open home, please arrive 15 minutes early so you do not miss out. 

  • Temperature checks

Hi [NAME], to attend our next open home, please be aware that a temperature check will be conducted before you can enter the home. If you are feeling sick or unwell, we suggest you rebook and stay home.  

  • New cleaning guidelines 

As of [DATE], new cleaning protocols for open homes and inspections are being undertaken including sanitising door handles and all surfaces before visitors are allowed in. Thank you. 

  • New limits on private inspections 

You have a private inspection at [ADDRESS] coming up on [DATE] at [TIME]. Your agent [AGENT NAME] will be in attendance. Please be aware that you have 15 minutes to inspect the property yourself. If you are late, you must reschedule. Thank you. 


(incl. Construction, Landscaping etc)

  • Ceasing or limiting work

Hi [NAME], we will be unable to operate from [DATE]. Please contact your supervisor or check your roster: [URL] Thanks. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • COVID safe guidelines

Hi [NAME], as of [DATE] we will be instituting a new COVIDSafe plan. Please familiarise yourself with rules around car-pooling, PPE, infection response and contact tracing. See more: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Moving to a new restriction level

Pending maintenance of current COVID infections, we will move to a new restriction level by [DATE]. Please make sure you aware of new guidelines beforehand. Link here: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out

  • Emergency change alert

As of [DATE], we will be limiting our sites to no more than [SITE NUMBER] people. Please contact your supervisor or check [URL] for new rosters. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • Reopening site or company

Dear [NAME], thanks to easing restrictions [COMPANY] will be able to resume operations from [DATE]. Please speak to your supervisor or check your roster at: [URL] Thanks. Reply STOP to opt-out.

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  • Telehealth services (appointment confirmations)

TEMPLATE:SMS (Software integration or automation)
Hi [NAME] your telehealth appointment is now confirmed on [DATE] at [TIME]. Please call [PHONE NUMBER] if you need to reschedule. Thanks. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • Telehealth services (appointment reminder)

TEMPLATE:SMS (Software integration or automation)
Hi [NAME] you have an upcoming telehealth appointment with [DOCTOR] at [CLINIC] on [DATE] at [TIME]. Please note that 48 hours notice is required for cancellation or a fee may apply. Call to reschedule: [PHONE NUMBER] Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • Reminder about non-COVID services/general health upkeep

Dear [NAME], our clinic is still open for non-COVID health needs. Please do not neglect your general health. Doctors are available for consultations via phone, telehealth or (on request) face-to-face. Call [PHONE NUMBER] or book here: [URL] Stay safe. Reply STOP to opt-out.

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  • Extension/temporary closure of school

Hi [NAME], due to current gov announcements we will be continuing remote learning with the exception of children of permitted workers. Please call: [PHONE NUMBER] for any queries. For more info: [URL] Reply STOP to opt-out.

TIP: Enable our Email to SMS function so that teachers are able to personalise their own communications direct from their inbox.

  • Emergency changes

Hi [NAME], we are instituting new changes to onsite learning due to an outbreak at [LOCATION. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • Re-opening/Staged return to school

REMINDER: Your [CHILD NAME] is set to return to school on [DATE] at [TIME]. Please be aware of new guidelines for at-school attendance including mandatory contact tracing: [URL] Thank you. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • Immediate school closure

ALERT: Due to a recent outbreak at [LOCATION], we will be closing our school effective immediately. For more information: [URL] Thank you. Reply STOP to opt-out.

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Financial Services

  • Customer service or service changes

Hi [NAME], due to current COVID restrictions, you will not be able to visit our stores for support and service. More phone and online operators are available to help you. Please visit [URL] or call [number]. Thank you. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • Alerting customers to scams

TEMPLATE:SMS (best to come from a dedicated number)
ALERT: There is a current email scam pretending to be from our company. Do not open the email, exchange any personal information or click on any links. For help, please call: [PHONE NUMBER] and report it to immediately.

TIP: There’s been a rise in digital scams throughout COVID. Warning customers proactively will only be beneficial to your business.

More to come soon….!

Final thoughts and further reading 

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