8 Father’s Day SMS marketing ideas to boost your sales

If you’re an ecommerce seller or retail store that sells overseas, now might be a great opportunity to leverage sales for Father’s Day celebrations in the US and UK. Celebrated every third Sunday in June, UK consumers spend close to $12B while US consumers spend up to $17B every year. 

Despite the pandemic, protests and other crises, 75% of Americans and Brits are still planning on celebrating their Father’s come June 21st. This might be a great time to leverage sales in these categories for your online shop, including:   

  • Personal care items 
  • Home and gardening 
  • Tools and appliances 
  • Clothing 
  • Computer-related accessories 
  • Electronics 
  • Automotive accessories 
  • Cards and wraps 

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Top 3 Father’s Day SMS marketing tips

With 98% open rates, it’s important that you make the most of your bulk SMS sends and marketing efforts to reach consumers this Father’s Day. Here are three marketing tips to apply to your text messaging tactics:  

1. Think outside the stereotype

Did you know the most popular gift for Dad is still ties? Ties?? Dad doesn’t need another tie. He needs brands and sellers to start thinking outside the box. Get proactive and creative with your gifts and products on offer. While you might sell handmade soaps and think Father’s Day is out of your remit, the market for men’s personal care is expected to hit $166B by 2022

Do the research, see what other brands are doing, and get creative with your category. Not every man wants a tie, a drill or new rims. The online shopping sphere has opened men up to new ideas and products. Consider what the modern man wants, not the man of yesteryear. 

2. Send personalised SMS campaigns

Have a lot of return customers from the US and UK? It’s likely that all of those return customers will also have fathers they want to celebrate. Personalise your Father’s Day campaigns using what you know they like to buy, or encourage them to explore other categories in your product selection. 

Use keywords and short codes, coupons or special discounts with repeat customers to drill in the urgency of organising their Father’s Day purchase now. If they are new customers to your website or have found you organically, use pop-ups on your website to encourage them to exchange their name and mobile number for an immediate Father’s Day SMS code or discount. 

3. Get creative, emotional or humorous

When writing your text message campaign, make sure you focus it around a particular tone of voice that is similar or associated with your brand’s current tone of voice. For example, if you sell novelty items, stick to a humorous tone of voice. Dads especially love silly jokes or ‘dad jokes’, so pepper your copy or even your products with lots of silly puns you know they’ll enjoy. 

For a more emotional tone of voice, use imagery or copy associated with memories. Use nostalgic lines like: “Remember when…?” or “You’ll always share treasured memories together…” Evoke the most cherished times we spend with our Dads, often about when buyers were little or when they spent time with their own little ones. 


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5 examples of great Father’s Day messages

1. Daddy Day Spa

Be proactive with your SMS service. Use our fast SMS gateway to send bulk SMS messages well before the special event to grab early birds hunting for good deals.

Want to use this template? <<Mum’s not the only one who could do with some R&R! Pamper Dad extra hard this Father’s Day with [product]. Get [discount] when you use code: [discount code] Click to order: [link]>>

2. Join the club

Sure, you can use special holidays like Father’s Day to boost sales but don’t forget to use it as an opportunity to also collect customer information and to grow your customer databases. Make purchases more immediate using SMS marketing campaigns over email marketing campaigns which take longer to convert.

In the example below, a customer has clearly exchanged their information either through a brand’s socials or website in order to join their VIP club, while also receiving a noticeable Father’s Day discount. 

Want to use these templates?
1# <<Thanks for joining up with [your company]’s VIP club! Stay subscribed to enjoy great offers for Father’s Day, and so much more.>>

2#<<Here’s your Father’s Day coupon: [link] Enjoy [discount] off any item from our site for the rest of the month. When you buy more than 1 item, you will get 20% off the second one so make sure you treat Dad and yourself.>>

3. Personalised gifts

Get personal with your SMS messages by including customer names and a subject line. Be sure to extend that by adding a personalised touch to your gifts if you can.

Want to use these templates?
#1 (Subject Line)<<Customise your [product] for Father’s Day for free!>>

#2<<Hi [customer name], buy any of our [product or product line] for Father’s Day, and add Dad’s initials for free! Only available this week. Use our free Monogram Maker to see what it looks like before you buy, use this link: [link]>>

4. Virtually minded

While easing restrictions are occurring in some locations, it’s important to keep a global mindset. Make sure to offer a variety of gifts if you can, including ones that can be shared virtually such as gift cards.

Want to use this template? << Not everyone can be with their Dad this year, but we can still create memories that will last a lifetime. Send Dad a [your virtual product] just to share between the two of you. Check out our curated selection of Father’s Day [virtual products] to share with the whole family: [link]>>

5. Keyword-driven creative campaigns

In this example, we’ve curated specific gift guides depending on a particular SMS keyword such as ‘modern’ or ‘busy’. These keywords will help us single out gifts that will meet the needs of the man in question, and cut down the time the gifter will spend searching for that perfect something.

Get creative with keyword campaigns using SMS. Gamify and entertain your customer through their buying experience!

Want to use these templates?
#1 <<Not sure what to get dad for Father’s Day? We can help. Text us one of these words if they describe your dad, and we’ll send you some great gift ideas.>>

#2 <<[choose your Father’s Day keywords]>> 

#3 <<We hear you. The [chosen keyword] is strong with this one! Here are some great gifts for your [keyword descriptor] Dad: [link] >>


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Final thoughts, further reading

Enjoyed our best tips for Father’s Day? Make the most of the other key holidays during the year including:

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