Social sending

Avoid accidentally disturbing customers out of hours and limit messaging to between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

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Getting a late night message from a good friend is usually forgivable, but it’s harder to excuse a message from a business arriving during the night!

While businesses operate during set hours, it’s common to process certain activities after hours. This works well for the business but the same cannot be said for customers. Batch processes usually involve sending out notifications to customers and, if these arrive at odd hours, can cause disruption and annoyance to the customer.

Social sending ensures that messages are only sent during ‘sociable hours’, usually 8am to 6pm. Messages sent outside these hours are queued to be sent at 8am the following day.

Even if your application enters an unexpected recursive loop and started spamming customers with notifications, social sending provides a safety net to prevent disgruntled customers. You might also consider deduplication, a feature that helps with data cleanliness and eradicates duplicate messages by automatically detecting and withholding messages deemed to be duplicates.