5 October 2018

Notifications and alerts reduce admin and increase efficiency

Our latest case study shows how Central Kids Early Education communicates with parents and families via SMS messaging. Using such a simple system has reduced workloads, especially the administrative burden on staff generating emails or letters to parents, or chasing up responses.

Central Kids Early Education (Central Kids) is a registered charitable trust providing high quality, accessible and affordable early childhood education and care for families living across the Central North Island of New Zealand.

A key element of the organisation’s communication strategy is Info-Txt, which is an integrated text messaging facility from Infocare Systems using technology from Bulletin (part of the MessageMedia Group).

Engagement with and responses from parents have improved significantly since Info-Txt was introduced in 2012. Central Kids has found that text messaging is a more effective method of communication than using traditional email. Messages are received instantly because parents always have their phones with them.

‘At Central Kids, we use Info-Txt as a form of communication with whānau ((parents and family). across our entire organisation, both from head office and within each kindergarten or early learning centre. Everyone can see the benefits of using this efficient and affordable communication channel, which has proved highly effective in gathering information from whānau, getting required documentation completed, encouraging parents to participate in centre events and, of course, communication during emergency situations, such as fire, floods and earthquakes,’ says Rhonnie Nairn, Systems and Administration Officer at Central Kids.

Central Kids has experienced many direct and indirect benefits by utilising Info-Txt, such as:

  • Efficient group communication
  • Reduced administrative workload
  • Instant communication
  • Records of communication
  • Help for migrant families
  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use

Read the case study here or find out more about SMS messaging here.

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