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SMS for competitions

Gain a competitive advantage by engaging with your audience through highly effective, automated campaigns

Expand your reach

Build brand awareness to drive more traffic to your business by offering prizes

Grow your customer base

Develop your audience and opt-in list for future communications and campaigns

Automate entries

Easily automating your competition with keywords and workflows

How using SMS for competitions can benefit your business

Offer your customers a chance to win to help increase brand awareness and engagement when you use text messaging as part of your promotions.

  • Retail

    Drive more foot traffic and build loyal relationships with your customers by announcing new products and competitions through text messages.

  • Hospitality and Travel

    Keep customers returning and make your restaurant, cafe, or accommodation top-of-mind by including past customers in your communications.

  • Ecommerce

    Boost your social presence when it matters most by timing competitions around calendar events to drive more sales.

  • Automotive

    Keep passive buyers engaged with your dealer brands and announce new products in an exciting manner with competitions.