SMS for IT

Trusted messaging solutions to manage cyber risks, emergency response processes and time-sensitive communications

IT pill

Streamline deployment processes

Automate and inform staff and customers of IT services, like release schedules

Flexible API for any solutions

Adapt the API to seamlessly integrate text messaging to technology stacks

Mission-critical alerts

Send text message updates for 2FA, service outages and equipment failures

How SMS can transform IT

Almost 90% of internet users have used SMS two-factor authentication in the last year

Simplistic illustration or communication devices, including phone, laptop, bluetooth
  • Automated SMS alerts and notifications

    Inform customers about new software releases and support ticket status to minimize business impacts and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Seamless communication system integrations

    Build connections, automations and workflows that link customer communications for improved efficiency, experiences and outcomes.

  • Improved data security

    Dependable time-critical communications when it matters to notify essential personnel about emergencies like equipment failures, software failures and system breaches.