SMS for higher education: Deliver better student communication with SMS

With each new generation, schools need to continue to evaluate the best way to communicate with their students.

Currently, Generation Z has replaced millennials on college campuses and this age group expects to receive communication differently than previous generations. Email is now students’ least preferred communication during admission. Those same students prefer texting, which means it’s critical that schools begin incorporating SMS into their communication mix.

When you add SMS, you can get closer to your students with automated and personalized texts for a connected experience at every step of their journey.
With 90% of text messages read within two minutes, SMS is the ideal way to communicate important information to the audiences that matter most to your school.

This guide will make it easy for your school to start sending text messages today.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to fit texting into your school’s core audience groups
  • Tips for understanding SMS compliance
  • Opportunities to integrate texting into the systems you already use
  • How to get started
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