SMS for higher education: How to get started with texting for your school

With each new generation, schools need to evaluate the best way to communicate with their students. We know that as Gen Zers have replaced millennials on college campuses they expect to receive communication differently than previous generations. Email is now students’ least preferred communication during admissions. What do they want? They want to text, which means it’s crucial that schools begin incorporating SMS into their communication mix. SMS is the ideal way to communicate important information – at each step of their journey from campus visits to admissions, and graduation and beyond. So, how can your school administration easily text students and track messages without having to overhaul each department’s platform? We’ve got you covered. See how easy it is to start sending text messages today. In this ebook, you’ll learn:
  • How to fit texting into your school’s core audience groups
  • Tips for understanding SMS compliance
  • Opportunities to integrate texting into the systems you already use
  • How to get started

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